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May 21 to June 21

Fear not, little Gemini Twins I am here in your defense. Who cares if they call you "Two Faced Gossipers"? Who cares if behind every corner someone is trying to mend the pieces of their broken heart because of you? Let them make jokes about cell phones stuck to your ears and your inability to remain faithful. None of that matters; at least to half of you, the other half really does care (speaking of 'halves'; where do they get off calling you "Schizo"?).

It's true that you are easy to pick on mostly because we know you can take it. You are comprised of the flexible quality known as mutable and the mental quality of Air and it doesn't hurt that the Messenger/Trickster God Mercury rules you. Therefore, a trick here or an insult there is fine; up to a point. We (your friends and acquaintances which could number in the thousands) have to realize that you are children at heart; eternal youth with a wide eye opened for a connection of any kind.

You are the sign that prepares us for summer while helping us unravel spring. That means that you have to be flexible in your abilities and have a knack for staying somewhat unattached. You are comprised of the Air Element giving you great mental alacrity and knowledge and you actually give new meaning to the phrase "Jack of all Trades, Master of None." There just isn't enough time in the day to learn everything and then to practice it but you do have a reservoir of information stored in your head from "the A-Z of Heloise Hints' and sport scores to more serious matters like the side effects of drugs and the symptoms of serious illnesses.

All of the Mutable Signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) have a duality to them; 2 parts which seem completely opposite to each other. It accounts for why these signs are often hard to pin down and rarely win awards for consistency.

Gemini is represented by the Twins on the Zodiac Wheel and with good reason. Within them are 2 distinct personalities (though some of you would argue that there are way more than that). Here you have someone born with an active mind (Air) and an innate curiosity. They are not bound by the roots of Taurus and don't have the warrior urges of Aries, they come prepared for change. Their mind is on and inspired with wonder. Everything is important and nothing really matters. The piece of string lying on the floor can conjure as many possibilities as the news that the atom has been split. It's all the same; it's all information. Gemini's thrive on it. They have an active mind that's built for accumulating; and accumulate, they do. It's not uncommon for Gemini's to have closets of unread magazines and books waiting to be dissected with a "just in case" sign on the door. Countless bits of trivia are being assimilated daily and there seems to be a tireless search for more. They love to talk to you and contrary to what most believe, they do love to listen. Listening is learning and talking encourages sharing and sharing means being connected and being connected is another thing they love.

Words are a fundamental way to connect and Gemini consequently, love words. They love to write, read, and especially talk. The telephone would be the modern symbol for Gemini as you would be hard pressed to find a Gemini who doesn't love this gadget. There are always exceptions because we are dealing with people and their free wills but overall, you will rarely find a Gemini who doesn't value deeply the art of chatting, reading or writing. Perhaps it's a way to keep that hungry mind engaged for if you are giving or receiving information, you are probably focused and that kind of focus is a close brush with meditation for the twins.

There is a childlike innocence to this sign regardless of gender. They love to hear and share secrets and have a remarkable knack to pull them out of you. Most of us can't wait to share or little secret with the all too eager Gemini because there is usually no judgment just a happy reception to have the information.

Perhaps the most amazing gift for Gemini is their ability to translate. It often doesn't matter what language you are speaking the twins can find a way to communicate with you and this skill makes them great at bringing both sides of a debate to the table. Speaking of debates, Gemini can take either side, it doesn't matter, their chock full minds can find a logic to justify any position which does make them good at lying or even better at telling the truth and defending it brilliantly. They bore easily which is why you rarely find a Gemini who is happy on the job, there is always something that could make that job better but they are too restless and too afraid of being caged to enjoy it.

As I mentioned earlier, there is another side to Gemini. We just learned about the cheerful, chatty side but that side must share the stage for equal time with the other twin. This twin is a lot more sober and solemn, like a mirror opposite of the more active twin. This twin finds no joy in people, or things and often needs a chance to lament alone. Think of this twin as the emotional part of Gemini that has little chance to come forward. After all, the mental side of Gemini is tireless and provides little room for the more emotional side, "What are emotions anyway and how did they get here?” might as well be the underlying question every Gemini asks when the other twin emerges.

During the visit from Twin B, things are not quite as bright, the phone no longer is a ticket to the world of connection and friends don't seem to take away the heavier feelings. What's happening is the opportunity for true connection, the kind that comes from being still and embracing the Self. This twin knows the power of feelings and the truth about what's going on inside the vast inner world that rarely is expressed. The flip between Twin A and Twin B is probably the cause for more Gemini breakups than any other. Anyone who has been with a Gemini romantically knows the Jekyll and Hyde cycle but few understand it enough to appreciate the value it has. Riding the roller coaster of feelings without distraction or judgment will allow one to enter the other side of life with its ringing telephones and conference calls. It's a matter of embracing yourself long enough to know that you are in a natural process of releasing an accumulation of feelings that don't really have a way out in your active world.

Not surprisingly, the wound for Gemini is found in the twins. Within the wit and wisdom of this dualistic sign is the division of self; one side seeing the bright and superficial side of life and the other seeing all that is real, without coloration, the world of feelings. It's a common metaphor that exists within each of us, the division of our emotions from our thoughts.

We usually create a divide between our idea of ourselves and our experience of ourselves. It's evidenced in the way we do relationships. Notice how in every relationship someone is acting emotional and someone is acting clear and detached? That will be information for a book all its own but that split is clear in every Gemini. They have one part of them that they just love (the mental, clear, light, easy side) and they hide the part they don't love (the heavier, more distrusting, cautious, easily hurt side).

No one really knows (not even the Gemini) when either is going to emerge but they usually get equal time so that if the lighter twin is out for a week you can plan seeing the heavier twin for the same amount of time. The eventual goal is to get them to spend time together so that they bring balance to their extreme inner world. to metaphorically bring the light into the dark and a bit of the dark to the light. That would significantly make the trivial pursuit have more purpose and the bouts of depression have more hope.

Every sign has their 'cross to bear'. Playful ridicule aside, these Zodiac Twins could be seen as having twice the issues to contend with. Really, deep down, you just want to play, to have fun in a world where the majority of us are feeling lucky to have just survived another day at the jungle. Be happy, Gemini. Live in the moment as much as possible and every once in a while, cry; just because you can.

Peace. Mark

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