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October 23 through November 21

Imagine being immersed in the depths of the ocean, the real depths, the parts that have only been imagined by humans. The water is black, still, and completely encompassing. Your mind can only imagine what lurks around you but there you are, alert with heart pounding awareness, your sensors honed in and ready for anything.

Like a warrior preparing for battle, Scorpios willingly if not automatically, seek the depths of the unseen. For them, these depths are a necessary part of life, a way to be vigilantly ready to confront any demons lurking below the surface of their psyches. Their pursuit is passionate and their courage is fathomless.

Now, place this hunter/warrior on dry land with their trained readiness and fearless pursuit tucked inside a human child. The demons that they were training to see within the ocean depths are now even more camouflaged as the world around them seems oblivious.

Thus their mission: Seek out and expose the hidden demons.

Their Motto: Trust no one

It is important to remember that Scorpios are projecting this message onto the world around them and that their real mission is to expose their own hidden demons and to trust that on the other side of their journey into darkness is truth. With that in mind let's look at some of their typical behavioral traits.

Scorpios enter this life with a sense of impending danger and therefore assume the worst, unlike the sign before them (Libra) they sniff out what's wrong with a person or a situation and like a survivor of war, they are prepared to deal with anything. Trust is not given out freely, no, you have to earn that and you will be tested regularly. If they let you in close enough to like you then you are close enough to be honored with one of their many tests. The tests are scrupulously designed to go unnoticed but they are effective in catching inconsistencies. They can hear your words but can only believe what your feelings are really saying. Catching lies is a pastime for the Scorpio and it's never shocking for them, in a way, they expect you to withhold some of the truth in order to protect yourself, naturally this is because they are doing the same thing.

If you look at an actual scorpion you can find similar attributes of mistrust and intensity. The scorpion is a nocturnal arachnid (cousin to the spider) and is the most determined survivor of its kind. When cornered the scorpion will sting itself several times with a lethal injection, as if to say, " I would rather kill myself than submit to your control." These arachnids can be frozen in liquid nitrogen and brought back to life; now that is resilience.

Because of both their astute ability to read the undercurrent of feelings (eons of training below the ocean surface) combined with their super conscious self-evaluations, Scorpios assume that others are as aware of their motivations as the Scorpio is and this causes a great deal of problems for a sign that is desperately trying to learn to trust. For example, you may greet your Scorpio friend with a cheery voice and big, toothy smile and tell them that you feel great today. But let's say you woke up feeling like you had just been run over by a truck and didn't want to face your day at all. You assume that there is no reason to bother your friend with this trivial detail so you feign feeling fine. Now your Scorpio friend, being astute at reading your emotions, senses that you are not telling the truth. There isn't much gray in the life of the Scorpio; things are black or white and that's the bottom line. It's like, you are either pregnant or your not, trustworthy or not trustworthy, a friend or not and on it goes.

Scorpios assume that if you aren't telling the truth then you are deliberately lying. If the Scorpio doesn't immediately address this issue it will get stored permanently in the mental file cabinet called "Reasons I Can Not Trust this Person" and will stay there until further evidence is accumulated. It will later be presented at the right moment, though that moment may occur years from now.

Scorpios hate public display and have a need for privacy that surpasses any other sign. They want to be in charge of what in them you are allowed see. Too much exposure, too quickly, makes them an easy target for your judgments. With this in mind, the Scorpio develops the skills of a great listener with a charm and strength that gets the message out quite strongly, "You can trust me with your darkest secrets." and indeed you can. Due to the amount of introspection this sign has done, nothing shocks them. They have looked at every dark corner of their being, your crimes look trivial to them but they are an important component in the unraveling of their own mystery. The more they can see in you, the easier for them to shed light on their own dark corner of the world.

Scorpios have a superior memory. Remember water is absorptive and can retain every tidbit of their life, some of them report having memories of birth. It's in their cells and the things that get remembered most are events that carry intense emotion, good ones or otherwise.

The real motivation of Scorpio is to find the part of them that they feel is too dark for others to handle. If you look at the Myth of Scorpio, you find Medusa, who was raped left with the look of terror on her face. One look directly at her would turn you to stone. The only way one could look at Medusa was through a reflection, which is how she was ultimately killed. Within this myth we find some key components of the Scorpio native. In order to slay their inner demons, they use the world around them as a mirror, constantly reflecting their strengths and weaknesses. It's just too painful to look directly inward, the fear of being lost in that dark ocean is mitigated if they can look first at yours. If they can absolve your crime, they can absolve their own.

Medussa was scarred with rage, it was her expression of anguish that turned her onlookers to stone. She had to wear her rage on the outside to cover the immense hurt that she felt within. Rage is the substitute for Scorpio hurt. This is obvious when a Scorpio gets hurt, they react with rage and anger rather than dealing directly with the hurt. Admitting that someone can hurt them is like admitting that someone has control over them and, just like the cornered scorpion, Scorpio will sting itself to avoid allowing themselves to feel that vulnerable. In revenge, Medussa, turned her onlookers to stone, in revenge, Scorpios see leave no stone unturned to repay the cruelty that they were subjected to. It is an important posture for the Scorpio to understand, all blind rage is the result of a hurt, if the hurt is first addressed and felt, the rage is supplanted.

Scorpio is driven to look at the terrifying aspects of their life. This drive can be projected onto the culture where the Scorpio is forced to confront demons that look like "prejudice", cruelty, and other facets of the culture that reflect the Scorpios own dark side. They love to delve into the mysteries of life. The word occult literally means, "the hidden" and has a strong pull for the Scorpio mind. They are fascinated with topics like hypnosis and mind control because they feel like possibilities that could "heal" them..

Scorpios are often compared to the phoenix, the mythological bird that rises from the ashes of destruction, renewed and transformed. This is reflected in the life of a Scorpio, which you'll remember, is never gray. There is complete change or there is nothing. They are no strangers to death and rebirth. Many Scorpios you encounter can share incredible stories of harrowing experiences that only someone with nerves of steel could survive. It's part of the price paid for having a passionate existence, one that insists on all or nothing. They relate to the phrase, 'Until the being faces annihilation does that part of it which is indestructible emerge.'

Because Scorpios have identified with their passions they use them as the driving force in their life. Passion has power over them and they are mesmerized by it. They often choose nothing that is not passionate, not work, not a car, not a relationship, nothing can be without passion for a Scorpio; it's their lifeblood and without it they feel empty. With time, Scorpios choose to direct their passion instead of being directed by it. This is evidenced when they become tired of relationships that need to have tension in them, or the pursuit of unrequited love just because it simulates passion. The real pursuit for Scorpio, the real passion will come from their deep appreciation of what they have learned, what they know and the fearlessness that they have learned to harness from deep within.

In a world that worships all that is light and airy, Scorpios must learn to love themselves and the mysteries around them. Of course, they sound dark and difficult compared to our everyday insistence on ease and comfort. Our natural instinct to turn away from anything that is uncomfortable to look at is the very part of us that often can't bother to look where Scorpios are pointing. That is their cross to bear, knowing as Neo did in the Matrix, that this is all a dream and most of us are sound asleep within it. The Scorpio who has willingly set out to dissolve their fears by confronting them can turn around and give us the brilliant psychiatrist who fearlessly guides us through the dark caverns of our mind or the surgeon who, without flinching, replaces our heart with one that beats strongly. Scorpios hold the place in our psyches that won't allow us to forget that though we have a dark side, the other end of darkness is the awareness that is the light of consciousness.

Mark Steven Husson © 2002

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