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Biography: John


John Joseph "12house Certified Advisor" didn't become an astrologer the way most people did. He observed his friends devoutly accept astrological principles without question or research and watched them blindly follow instructions they were given by so called "astrologers" through horoscopes or chart readings.

Fueled by left brain ingenuity, John went on a mission to prove to his friends that their interest in astrology was purely emotional and had nothing to do with fact.

That was 33 years ago and today John has become recognized as an astrologer's astrologer because what he learned about the planets in one's chart became indisputable.

Inspired by Carl Jung, Liz Greene and Edgar Cayce -- all brilliant leaders in their work and all of them astrologers.

John is co-founder of the Twelfth House and practices his art in his home in Denver.

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