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CA Brooks
C.A. Brooks


Recently I heard a report that people spend more money celebrating Halloween than any other holiday or event, second only to Christmas and the December holidays. Wow! I suppose that’s why my neighbors are sporting a stylish full size skeleton, drinking a martini in a hammock, across their entryway! Who knew?

Halloween (October 31st) falls on Friday so it should be a big party night. We will be under the influence of a crafty and rebellious Aquarian Moon. If you plan to dress up and haven’t decided on a theme, might I suggest the archetype of the rebel, revolutionary or innovator? There are so many colorful characters to choose from. Aphrodite or her Roman counterpart Venus would be a classic choice. This girl didn’t let moral strictures get in her way and blatantly defied Zeus. Or what about Prometheus, the archetype for Aquarius, who stole fire from the gods? If you let your mind wander you’ll discover any number of mythological, literary, and real life role models of going against the flow in an attempt to live a more authentic life. (Pocahontas, Rosa Parks, Robin Hood, Galileo, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Benjamin Franklin, Amelia Earhart, Yves Saint Laurent, Thomas Edison and Helen Keller – just to name a few!)

The phenomena of Halloween’s popularity is certainly multi-faceted, but I can’t help thinking part of it is our fascination with being able to role play and express parts of ourselves that ordinarily never see the light of day. (Others see glimmers, although we probably believe we are keeping it under wraps!) The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio last week may have very well cracked open and put you in touch with a deeper level of your psyche. Although some parts we may want to cover over or bury back in the cellar, overall, I think we may have discovered something about ourselves we can delight in.

This week the music of the cosmic dance is enticingly creative with imaginative Neptune connecting with both Venus and the Sun, and a Pisces Moon at the end of the week. I’d encourage you to give free reign to your imagination, nurture your intuition, and play with your creativity. Whether you dress up for real or just play out a fantasy in your mind for Halloween, ‘Imagine what you would most like to do to keep the world magical’ (Cooper Edens) in the months and years to come.

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.


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Moon Void of Course 9:18 am (PDT) – 3:03 am Tuesday morning

We are doubly blessed today with a Moon in optimistic Sagittarius and a sweet and exceptional connection between Venus and Neptune. Fantasies and dreams of ideal love and heaven on earth fill our hearts and minds. Indeed, some of us may actually meet prince or princess charming under the spell of this aspect. Not to be a wet blanket, because this truly is a wonderful and creative energy, but remember it may actually feel like a spell. The flaws and claws in the soul mate we bump into today will not be recognized until much later, if at all. I guess this could be a good thing. Neptune has a way of wrapping people in a blanket of unconditional love and acceptance.

Today is perfect for channeling creativity especially in the fields of music, photography, and art. It’s also the time for kindness, compassion and forgiveness. As Venus is the planet of attraction, we might find other ‘goodies’ coming our way today in various packages – an unexpected gift, a surprising financial windfall, or a moment of feeling all is right with the world and enjoying our place within it.

Daily Muse: Sometimes I arrive just when God's ready to have someone click the shutter. (Ansel Adams)


Moon enters Capricorn 3:03 am (PDT)

As the Moon scrambles into hard-working Capricorn this morning, we are inspired and motivated to achieve more tangible success in our lives. This ‘reaching for more’ feeling is supported by an idealistic pairing of the Sun with Neptune, the planet of dreams. Neptune’s affinity for compassion and forgiveness paves the way for seeing ourselves and others in a kinder light. As the planet of mysticism and transcendence, it helps us dissolve and move beyond perceived boundaries and limitations. We dare to dream big and shoot for the moon. Similar to yesterday’s alignment between Neptune and Venus, this energy is highly creative and a definite boon to writers and artists and anyone wanting to more fully express the divine spark in their everyday lives.

Daily Muse: Your greatest self has been waiting your whole life; don't make it wait any longer. (Steve Maraboli)

Today on Simpletales – We are decompressing from the Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde and looking forward. Please join me at 11am Pacific – 2 Eastern on


Moon Void of Course 8:01 pm (PDT) – 6:52 am Thursday morning

We make our own luck today by tenaciously assessing our strengths and weaknesses and using that awareness to guide our actions. The Moon in earthy Capricorn gets diverted by confrontive squares from both revolutionary Uranus and thinking Mercury. Being able to quickly evaluate whether new information is useful, or merely a distraction, will help keep things on track. It is worth taking a moment to slow down and analyze the landscape; but remember the best decisions will be the result of artfully combining both sides of your brain and using logic and intuition collaboratively to identify viable solutions. Things should sort themselves out this evening when the Moon aligns with Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, and the planet of organization.

Daily Muse: Look forward and make up the future. (James Wanless)



Moon enters Aquarius 6:52 am (PDT)

It’s time to shake some things up and turn your perspective upside down when the Moon glides into cool and level-headed Aquarius. Well let’s make that level-headed during the day when the Aquarian Moon demonstrates its more visionary and socially conscious aspects. When the Moon squares off with the Sun in passionate Scorpio tonight (marking the end of the first quarter of this lunar cycle) sparks could fly. This is when the friendly Aquarian energy becomes the rebel, the revolutionary and the devil’s advocate questioning everything that comes across it’s path.

Daily Muse: I didn't consider myself a fashion designer at all at the time of punk. I was just using fashion as a way to express my resistance and to be rebellious…It was my ambition to understand the world I live in. (Vivienne Westwood)

Tonight on 12Academy - Astrology Basics Session 5 – we will get up close and personal with Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Come find out how these planets operate in your astrology chart and what they have to say about how you learn and love, what motivates you, and how you expand your horizons. Click this link to register


Moon Void of Course 11:22 pm (PDT) – 9:37 am Saturday morning

A persnickety Aquarian Moon could mean we are hard to please today as this farsighted energy can be discontent with the status quo. A good way to channel a disgruntled mindset is to do something constructive to effect change. Advocate for a cause, write an editorial or blog post, or simply observe your feelings of frustration, annoyance or upset. Contemplate A Course In Miracles Workbook Lesson 5 -‘I am never upset for the reason I think.’

You might also try channeling the Aquarian creative visionary with a little role playing. Make your trick or treat costume homage to a famous, or not so famous, rebel. A classic choice would be Prometheus, the Greek God who stole fire from Mount Olympus in direct defiance of Zeus. Any number of real-life heroes will do (Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller, Pocahontas, Gandhi and on and on.)

Daily Muse: It’s easier to fight for ones’ principles than to live up to them. (Alfred Adler)

Today on A Course In Miracles with C. A. Brooks we’ll continue to explore the possibilities of life in our right minds. Please join me at 8am Pacific – 11 Eastern on

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Moon enters Pisces 9:37 am (PDT)

The Moon in Pisces says it is time to set some reasonable boundaries, however, a trio of forward-thinking and positive planetary interactions make it easy to see these limits as constructive borders rather than mistrustful defenses.

A smart and hopeful connection between Mercury and Jupiter connects lower and higher levels of mind allowing us to move beyond ego needs to more transpersonal or global goals. A sexy connection between Venus and Pluto promises greater intimacy in relationships and bestows a balanced and transformative depth to creative efforts and projects. The third aspect in this planetary trifecta is a generous, sensitive, and perceptive connection between motivational Mars and dreamy Neptune. Taken together, today is blessed with expansive thinking, powerful motivation, out of the ordinary creativity, and inspired action.

Daily Muse: Foundations of thought are two-edged like the sword; they can support and hold you up, yet they can bind and hold you down. Know how to discern the difference and you will truly be a free thinker. (Kim Huggens)


If you live in parts of the world that sets the clocks to Daylight Savings Time, be sure to check your calendar. You just may be able to sleep in for an extra hour this morning or recapture the hour you sacrificed last March, for a leisurely brunch, a walk in the park or a trip to a local beach. Me? I think I’ll sip my coffee and indulge in one of my passions, reading a book or doing some water color sketches.

For the most part, the cosmic dance is sleepy, imaginative and creative today under the influence of a Pisces Moon. A chance of a disagreement or slight disturbance arises in late afternoon when energetic Mars is out of sorts with expansive Jupiter. Being more aware and conscious of our feelings can help avert any real trouble. Think ‘boundaries’ instead of ‘defenses’.

Daily Muse: What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly. (Richard Bach)

Advisor Oliver
by Oliver
Oliver's Weekly Affirmative Prayer

Welcome to your weekly affirmative prayer channeled exclusively for The Power Peak. If these words speak to you I invite you to make them your own. Work with the prayer as you feel guided to and know your good is already yours.

"My Truth, the core of my being is in direct alignment with Spirit. In this knowing I set forth to live my life with a sense of trust, and consciousness, which immediately gives me access to all the good in life. I allow success to be mine and I accept it NOW! I say Thank You! And so it is!"

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Out of Mo's Mind

You possess a gift more valuable than any other that I can think of. You have the gift of life.

This is a gift we share with approximately 7,000,000,000 others on this planet, but yours is uniquely your own. The gift was given to you when you were conceived, some believe even before, and it’s yours to shape and work with as you will.

Life is a complicated alchemy of body, mind, spirit and soul. Each part relies on the others for health and well-being as they interweave to form the individual we’ve become.

As I watched the recent solar eclipse, a pinhole image projected on the side of my house with a bite taken out of the sun, I thought about life and how events can take a bite out of us, even if only for a while.

I also thought about how blessed I am, how grateful I am to be me and how much I want to make a difference for the better on this planet.

I pondered my own existence and the joys that I have, most of them unbelievably simple but without parallel.

For example: hugging a loved one, petting a dog or cat, laughing at a stupid skit on TV, seeing the look in someone's eyes when they have an, “Aha,” moment, giving a gift and seeing the joy that it brings, hearing autumn leaves crackle, or remembering the best parts of the people we’ve known who are no longer here to share the gift with us.

Everything we are, our beliefs, our way of looking at the world, our every thought is based on the gift of life. The richest people on the planet don't have more of it than we do. The poorest people are as entitled to this gift as any of us.

It occurs to me that we all exist for a reason. We’re here on this planet, at this time, to do something. For some it may be to facilitate the lives of others and to guide them in finding their happiness. For others it’s to be first responders and rush to save lives. Some tell stories to enrich the gift, while others seem to point out to us that not everyone is truly appreciative of what they have.

Even those who sourly turn away from life, alienating others out of their own pain or for whatever reason, serve as reminders that time doesn’t care about intentions, the past or the stubborn certainties of self-serving dogma. Time simply marches forward and does what it does, with or without us.

It’s up to us to embrace life in a full bearhug and kiss it on each cheek. Doing so ensures that it will hug us back, gaze fondly into our eyes and remind us that we’re deeply loved.

It’s all about love.

I’ve known some great huggers in my life. I've experienced amazing affection, friendship and love.

When we share the gift of life with others it’s inevitable that we’ll suffer loss. As painful as it is, and it certainly is that, love still lingers and part of the life we shared with each other becomes indelible in our soul.

We meet the people we meet perhaps by chance, but I believe it to be more by design. We learn lessons, we work out issues and sometimes we just hang out with each other.

The gift of life is yours to do with what you will, but I hope that you’ll never squander it nor underestimate its magnificence.

Write a book. Create something artistic. Invent something. Cook. Laugh. Pass your laughter on. Be kind to others.

Leave something behind for those who will follow us, something that will help them to find their way and remind them that they’re loved. Share your gift of life with others and don’t worry about the fairness of it all, whether or not it’s appreciated or if you’ll get back what you put in. That’s not the point.

The point is to celebrate life itself. The point is to exemplify humanity as best as possible and to pass on our unique point of view to others in the hope that their lives will be made better for sharing ours.

I’m honored to share my life with you.

Until next week I wish you peace, love and life.

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Kristi Brower
by Kristi Brower

The Psychic Update

As an Aura Reader I see everything on a continuum of vibration. The higher we vibrate the closer we are to the divine. We function better in every way when we vibrate high. We don’t have great language to explain how things vibrate, but some words that help are light and energy. We use descriptors to qualify light and energy and this is generally how we talk about vibration. Have you ever said that someone just took all of the light out of a room? If so, you know what it feels like to be in the presence of low vibrating energy. Have you ever said something like “The energy of that place makes me feel so good!” If so, you know what it feels like to be in the presence of high vibrating energy.

In general, we all function at a baseline vibration that goes up and down depending on several factors. Our physical health, emotional state and environment have a significant influence on our vibration. So does our diet, drug and alcohol use and exposure to negative media. All stressful events impact our vibration as well. When I talk about raising your vibration I am referring to raising your baseline vibration. Fluctuations are always going to happen, but keeping your baseline high ensures energetic health. Energetic health supports physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Having a high baseline vibration is the best way to protect yourself energetically. When you vibrate high your Aura acts as a natural barrier to all things lower vibrating. You will always come into contact with lower vibrating energy, but when you vibrate high it cannot penetrate your Aura and you just walk away unharmed.

If your vibration is low you are at risk for attachments of low vibrating energy, dark entities and other energetic parasites that prey on us when we are vulnerable. Attachments like this can be cleared and transmuted. I work with people frequently who are carrying an attachment or entity. All of these can be cleared, even if someone has been carrying the attachment for most of their life.

On Monday, October 27, 2014 at 5:30 pm PST I am teaching a class at called Open Energy Forum with Kristi: Dark Entity Attachments. In this class I will discuss the basic types of Dark Entity attachments, how we get them, how to avoid them, and how I can help you or someone you love release a Dark Entity. This will be a safe opportunity to ask questions and get real, grounded answers about this topic that is often seen as off-limits. Click here to register.

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Carolyn F
by Carolyn Ferris
Carolyn's Oracle
Each week Carolyn Ferris will pull from her hand designed Tarot cards to reveal a message for us. Carolyn has been a psychic for many years and has a substantial amount of notoriety with her art. She has created art for many clients such as Timothy Leary, Santana, The Fillmore, and Moonalice.

Her artwork can be viewed at her web site!

Her Psychic site, where you can view her Oracle card!

© 2010 Carolyn Ferris and Moonalice

Carolyn'-s Art Picture

This image is about going with the flow. Although she is oblivious to the very large bee on her head and her swing's stability is in question over such a high view point. This woman is taking time out with her book and her friend, the hummingbird, while having a relaxed time. Beauty surrounds, she is in the moment and noticing the bright side of life.

Special 30 Minute Reading From Carolyn
Although reading with the cards is not my usual way of doing psychic readings, If you would like me to use my cards for your reading I have created a special pricing and instructions just for the Power Peek readers.

The Link below will give you super low pricing on my 30 minute readings. If you are already a client of 12listen then it's as easy as clicking the link and making the purchase. The next time you call me you will be automatically granted the special pricing. If you are new to you will be prompted to set up your free account! Don't miss this opportunity! CLICK HERE!

Before this special priced reading, be at your computer and call up the web address , there will be a display of cards turned upside down. Make the call to me, and one by one you'll turn your card and I'll interpret a special meaning in regard to your situation or issue! Give it a try, have the cards right there in front of you to study as you receive your special Power Peek reading!
If you call me for a reading outside of this special, I will not use my cards but solely our psychic connection.