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CA Brooks
C.A. Brooks

November 24—November 30

This week the United States celebrates the time-honored tradition of Thanksgiving. It doesn't really matter whether you are an American, or even if you believe the stories, or appreciate the pomp and circumstance. Why would you pass up an opportunity to bring a little more gratitude into your life? I know I am preaching to the choir – you know the value of cultivating attitudes of gratitude. And if you don't, check them out, they are almost too numerous to count. And it's not just hearsay. Social science studies have linked greater levels of thankfulness and gratitude to better health, sleep, longevity, energy, resilience, recuperation, productivity, improved decision making, more satisfying relationships, more happiness and a greater sense of life satisfaction. Thankfulness is an effective stress buster and immune booster. What's not to like here? (Join your 12Family and post your gratitude anonymously on the Gratitude Board at

This week we have lots to be thankful for and some that may come as a surprise. Even though Thanksgiving tends to conjure up ideas of convention, ritual and tradition, there is a prominent energy of innovation, experimentation and marching to the beat of your own drummer this week. Bottom line – your life (and your holiday) is what you make of it. It's time to identify your individual tastes and desires and pursue them.

On Tuesday when Saturn the taskmaster and disciplinarian connects with Mercury the planet of thinking and communication, it is time to clear the clutter of other people's ideas and embrace your own. When Thanksgiving rolls around on Thursday, it will be under the influence of an innovative Aquarian Moon. We don't have to throw out the rituals and traditions, but likewise we can understand their power rests in the meaning we give them. If the usual ones do not inspire joy, celebration, friendship, and a sense of community, then it's time to experiment with some new ones.

More than a few people may be asking themselves whether they are participating in the rituals because they like them or from a fear of potential rejection or alienation if they don't. (This is an Aquarian conundrum!) Fortunately for us, the vision of Aquarius is willing to question and also experiment with new options and possibilities. We can too!

Thursday evening Mercury the planet of thinking and communication, the messenger of the gods, heads for sassy, upbeat and daring Sagittarius. With Venus, the Sun, and now Mercury in Sag we are under the powerful influence of Jupiter, the big daddy of all the planets. Let the real fun and joy begin! It's time to expand ourselves (Jupiter) in very conscious directions (Mercury aligned with Saturn). We are not the victims of the world we see, nor are we the passive hostages of the ghosts of holidays past. Find your community, your inspiration, and make this season your own.

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

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Moon enters Capricorn 8:31 am (PST)

Sometimes you just have to take the control and do things for yourself. The Moon in Capricorn is ambitious and values self-achievement. This may not be the best day for team efforts, especially if the team is not moving in the direction you want. Beware of crying over spilt milk – if you want it done and you know how to do it, then take charge or go it alone. But, that being said, please consider this. An irritable misalignment between Mars, the planet of action, and Jupiter the expander can also confuse priorities. We might jump in to a situation thinking we are helping, only to find out our expertise or assistance is not welcome. Don't over think it, but don't be too quick to offer assistance unless asked. Overall we probably will not feel our efforts are as effective or as efficient as we would like today. No worries, this is part of the natural rhythm of life.

Daily Muse: I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later. (Mitch Hedberg)


During the last two weeks, Venus and the Sun have each taken their turn meeting with the cosmic auditor Saturn. Today, it's Mercury's turn. He is a master of strategy and his meeting with Mercury is likely to result in the design of plans and commitments. Demanding connections between the Moon in Saturn-ruled Capricorn with both powerful Pluto and innovative Uranus make it all the more interesting and intense as we clarify our intentions and set our goals. Expect that people may talk and communicate more directly or authoritatively today. There is an aspect of being ‘a rebel without a cause' or rushing forward without having a plan completely formulated. Take a step back and make sure you are considering all the possibilities. Our minds are sharp, even if we are feeling a bit of urgency or like we are being rushed. But don't be afraid to make some decisions or formulate a plan. Just leave the door ajar in case you want to make revisions later.

Daily Muse: You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go...” (Dr. Seuss, Oh, The Places You'll Go!)

Today on Simpletales – Astrologer Shawn Nygaard joins me for a look at completing our lessons with Saturn in Scorpio and taking a peek into what might be in store in 2015 with Saturn moving into Sagittarius. Please join us at 11am Pacific – 2 Eastern on and in the Private Group on Facebook


Moon Void of Course 7:30 am (PST) – 11:23 am

A cool breeze blows through the cosmos mid-day when the Moon finds itself in friendly and emotionally neutral Aquarius. Venus the planet of love and values makes an alliance with Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) which reinforces the need to stay open to surprises and be willing to find pleasure and creativity in some unusual or unconventional places.

This need to look beyond the physical and familiar is reinforced by a demanding square between the Sun (ego, identity) and Neptune (dreams, illusions). This creative aspect invites imagination but can easily distort reality or fog perception. This is especially true when it comes to our ideas and perceptions about ourselves. We might undervalue our worth or not see ourselves clearly. When you wake up this morning, affirm you are worthy and set the intention to stand in your personal power. We are very sensitive and sometimes emotional with this energy; a good day to set appropriate boundaries with others.

Daily Muse: If I am not for myself, who will be? And if I am only for myself, what am I? (Rabbi Hillel)


Mercury enters Sagittarius 6:26 pm (PST)

As a pivotal and historic American Holiday, today can be loaded with expectations – good, bad and ugly. A challenging connection between Saturn and Pluto reminds us of the importance of eliminating the unnecessary and dysfunctional in favor of developing and cultivating the strategies, routines, and traditions that will nurture our future goals and relationships.

The Aquarian Moon can respect the power of traditions while sparking our desire for the new and novel. Generally, we are looking for more freedom and spontaneity rather than revolution. Be willing to take a few risks and adopt an experimental approach. Instead of clinging to the tried and true, be open to something new. (Although I would put the kibosh on the freeze dried potatoes – they just don't match up to the real thing – fresh potatoes mashed with butter and covered with gravy!) All traditions started somewhere; today is your opportunity to be the instigator or co-inventor of something fresh and new.

This evening Mercury flies into optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius. Even if the day started on a somber note, this should lighten the energy as the expansiveness of Sagittarius calls the restless spirit in all of us; reigniting our desire to experience it all!

Daily Muse: Life is an adventure; it's not a package tour. (Eckhart Tolle)


Moon Void of Course 9:14 am (PST) – 2:03 pm

An idealistic and visionary Aquarian Moon gets a jolt of ‘reality testing' this morning when it square's off with disciplined Saturn in deep thinking Scorpio. However, there is not much time to consider our discomfort, because the Moon slips quietly into Pisces in mid-afternoon. Although escape may not be the best way to deal with unpleasant realities, it's a path of least resistance and likely our choice. Why confront the harshness of life when you can dive into your imagination through creativity, escape with a book or movie or just quietly disappear? The moderation we committed to yesterday, after the last bite of holiday pie, is a distant memory when confronted with today's tantalizing left-overs.

There is magic afoot when the Moon connects with Pisces' ruling planet Neptune tonight. In addition to being a great source of inspiration and imagination, this connection can also bring out compassion and forgiveness. Today we want to let ourselves off the hook and escape from certain responsibilities, burdens, or obligations. Whether we turn to food, alcohol, drugs, relationships, art, music, entertainment, spiritual discipline, or meditation, the most important thing is to be aware of what we are feeling and doing and watch ourselves without judgment. Just be aware and you will reap the benefit of insight.

Daily Muse: True happiness is a result of one's own efforts, simple tastes and above all a clear conscience (Melisa Pearce)

Today on A Course In Miracles with C. A. Brooks: we'll continue to explore the possibilities of life in our right minds. Author Susan Dugan joins me for a look at our function – happiness! Please join us at 8am Pacific – 11 Eastern on Private Group on Facebook

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The Moon in empathetic and sensitive Pisces moves into a square with the Sun in expansive Sagittarius early this morning. Squares indicate a change in direction and the need to consider different points of view. As the Moon moves into the second quarter of the cycle we face an on-going dilemma of us verses them. Not that it has to be one or the other. Pisces (like Virgo and Sagittarius) has a strong need to assist, be of service to, and interact with others. However there is a strong pull to simply escape into the Piscean ocean of imagination. The Sun in Sagittarius strengthens our resolve to come out of our shells and be of service using our education, experience and wisdom. A lunar connection to Pluto this morning affirms a desire to take a risk and put ourselves out there.

A cranky connection between the Moon and Venus tonight suggests we learn to love ourselves without the need for external approval and recognition. Being honored and recognized is desired, but not necessary. People might be a bit touchy and sensitive tonight, so go easy.

Daily Muse: Is it so bad then to be misunderstood? Pythagoras was misunderstood, and Socrates, and Jesus and Martin Luther, and Copernicus, and Galileo and Newton, and every pure and wise spirit that ever took flesh. To be great is to be misunderstood. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)


Moon Void of Course 12:47 pm (PST) – 5:14 pm

Thanks to productive lunar connections to both Mars and Saturn the day has more energy and structure than we might otherwise expect. With the Moon still in empathetic Pisces it might be a good day to do volunteer work, give to Meals on Wheels, or gather up donations for the Holiday Toy Drive. Or you could make up a batch of caramel corn and hot chocolate and join the kids for ice skating or putting up the holiday decorations.

The energy might get edgy and scattered this evening when the Moon shoots into fiery Aries. But there could be something missing – like a plan or direction. This is underscored by Mercury's demanding square to nebulous Neptune which derails rational thought in favor of intuition and emotion. Although thinking and communications could get a bit hazy or confusing, it's nevertheless a great time to consider or talk about spiritual, metaphysical, or esoteric ideas and topics. We may be more willing to let down the skeptical barriers and consider the merits of ideas we ordinarily dismiss.

Daily Muse: I don't know – yet…Not knowing is a magical place to be. All manner of mysteries are revealed. (Colette Baron-Reid)

Advisor Oliver
by Oliver
Oliver's Weekly Affirmative Prayer

Welcome to your weekly affirmative prayer channeled exclusively for The Power Peak. If these words speak to you I invite you to make them your own. Work with the prayer as you feel guided to and know your good is already yours.

"Knowing spirit is all there is I relax and I affirm my direct connection to this eternal life force. I am Spirit expressing and in living this truth I now create the life that instantly matches my immediate dreams. Life is good and as I celebrate this I feel, sense and experience all my true heart's desires. With a grateful heart I let this go ... And so it is!"

The Power Peek is brought to you by: Mark Husson

Grateful by Mark

Hi Everyone, By now most of you know that Gratitude is my favorite mindset. I don't express it enough and certainly don't act it enough but if I were asked to name the most important expression that we have, I'd say "Gratitude."

It's not because Gratitude is a show of humility or submission to all powerful forces, it's because it reminds us to release our victim-hood. When in Gratitude we tend to fully embrace what comes at us in life as if it offers the mind the reasoning it needs to stay hopeful.

I also think it's important to pay attention to what you are giving thanks to. When we leave a 'bad' relationship we don't thank THEM, we thank that part of us that brought the whole experience to us, flaunted it and sent it away. The learning was OURS and the next lesson/experience, well that's you too.

The Dreams we have at night come from that same part of us. Call it the subconscious mind or the mind of God but it is the ever patient, ever present inner friend that never stops knocking at our door, bringing us symbols and omens that are there for us to use, and if we don't use them, it brings something else. To remain grateful to a part that is within us keeps us aware of our Divine cord. To really experience this part of us takes a bit of work but it doesn't need our awareness to continue supporting us.

Aware of it or not, on the outside we still honor what we see and continue to show gratitude to our human (and all life form) counterparts by saying "Thank you" knowing inside that you are thanking that precious part of you for bringing in the experience, the lesson, the love.

What I see most days is you and your indomitable love and kindness. I wouldn't, couldn't do this if that wasn't there. And so it is from the bottom of my heart that I use Thanksgiving as the excuse to embrace the Love in me that sees and knows the Love in you and knows that any differences I see between us is strictly for amusement purposes.

Thank you for all you do for me and my 12family!

In Gratitude,

Mark Husson


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Out of Mo's Mind

Imagine a frigid day, long, long ago, in a land covered by snow and ice.

Light and noise coming out of a house tell us that a great feast is in progress, a gathering of hungry revelers sharing warmth and companionship as the weak, winter sun makes its way toward the horizon.

Entering, we find merrymakers seated around a large table which is covered by a white cloth, symbolizing purity and the importance of the occasion. The cloth also serves as a secret place to wipe off greasy fingers, as well as the occasional pair of food covered lips.

The patriarch of the family sits quietly, observing his clan with a mixture of pride and disgust as he watches his sons eat. The matriarch quietly attempts to rein in her young barbarians, to no avail. Honored guests make polite conversation.

The food is magnificent, as always, and the matriarch tends to her guests' every need but seems powerless to control her sons.

These wild youngsters bring laughter to the table as they boast of their prowess. Each tries to top the other as stories are told, embellished and then turned into lies. These tales will eventually become myths, told over and over again for generations.

Beverages are imbibed, meat is tugged from the bone with fingers and teeth, as food-filled mouths utter oaths and make good natured threats.

Suddenly, a son belches and a hush falls over the feast. All look to the patriarch, who simply raises his eyebrows and shakes his head. The matriarch turns as red as the berries of the sacred holly, tears welling in her eyes. She won't act now, in front of her guests, but she plans what she'll do later to her sons and they know it. The guests turn their attention back to their plates as they try to understand the habits of this odd tribe.

Eventually, the meal is finished and a lively conversation begins. Stories are told amidst laughter and good humor. Occasionally, all sit silent as they reminisce, remembering past gatherings and the changes time brings, making the moments more dear.

Although the scene above may sound as if it belongs in a bad Viking movie, it's actually a faithful depiction of any of my family's Thanksgivings during the late1960's and early 1970's. Most of my family meals had a touch of the feral to them, especially the festive ones, in spite of the valiant attempts of my parents to civilize us. (For the record, I was not the burping brother, although I may have egged him on a bit.)

The tales told are the same ones that have been told for millennia, around tables in every part of the world since the beginning of our kind.

These stories are the mythologies of the family itself. Tales are told of immigration and the challenges of learning the customs of a new land, attempting to understand different weather, getting used to a new culture, the heroic acts of family members and the villainy of oppressors. Over the years, the stories will become larger-than-life and irrefutable, even though they may be fabrications.

Last summer, my brothers and their families came to visit and we once again crowded around a large table and the old tales were told, much to the delight of our children.

What amazed me the most was that the mythologies from decades ago have survived over the years and are still being embellished, even though most of them have absolutely no foundation in reality. Yet, the tellers of these myths believe them, more or less, swearing that every word they say is the truth and nothing but the truth, so help them God.

Many of my brothers' colorful myths center around me and my exploits. It was a challenge trying to set the record straight. After all, I have an image to maintain.

I won't insult your intelligence by claiming that I was in any way, shape or form normal as a young man. In fact, for several years I looked more beast than human and found growling to be surprisingly communicative. Even though I was “different,” some of the stories they told about me were exaggerations, but that's fine since it was all about love.

Here's my point.

Every family has its myths. Some family mythologies are as intricate and finely woven as a 600-year-old tapestry. Other myths are less complicated and smack of vengeance and resentment.

Sometimes the stories are told to amuse and other times they're told to embarrass, tattle on, provoke, create excuses for, or simply glorify the way people feel about themselves in the present. It's easier to blame the past than it is to get over it and move on.

If you happen to find yourself feasting with a family this Thanksgiving, pay attention to the mythologies of the diners. Don't ignore the tales told, because they can reveal much about where we've come from, where we are now and how lucky we are to be us.

I urge you not to be provoked or annoyed by any attempts to pull you into emotional whirlpools of guilt, or passive-aggressive rabbit holes. Just observe and make mental notes and I guarantee you that you'll have a great time, regardless of how bizarre it gets.

I think we revert to old family habits in an attempt to reconnect in a familiar place, one that doesn't admit the decades that have passed, one that ignores weddings, divorces, losses of friends and family members and all the other transitions the passage of time imposes.

You can learn everything about a culture, or family, by the stories they tell around the table.

Should you happen to be with a family for a feast this week, have fun. Feast, laugh and share the the myths of your life.

By the way, if you run into my brother and he tells you that I used to throw orange juice on him at breakfast, don't believe him; it's a huge exaggeration. It only happened once and he deserved it. I don't remember exactly why he deserved it, but you can bet that it's one heck of a great story, mythic in fact.

Until next week, I wish you all peace, love and a happy, sane Thanksgiving.

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Kristi Brower
by Kristi Brower

The Psychic Update:
November Crystal Grid

This month I created a grid called “Spiritual Strength.” As we move into the holiday season I think it is important to acknowledge the joy and the challenges that the holidays bring about for many of us. It is so important to look within and access the strength that our own spirituality gives us. This time of year can be tough if we don't follow mainstream beliefs. Use this grid to give you strength and support when setting boundaries and validating your beliefs.

The stones in the gird are: Malachite , supports a strong sense of self and access to your Heart Chakra: Amethyst, strengthens intuition; Moonstone, strengthens your Crown Chakra and divine connection; Clear Quartz, Master Healer, supports strength and growth.

You can print this picture and place it on your altar. Everyday hold your hands over it and ask for spiritual strength. You will feel the energy of the grid healing you and empowering your Heart, Third Eye, Crown Chakras.

Download this picture and keep it on your cell phone. When you need spiritual strength hold your hands over the picture and ask for strength and support, you will feel the energy flow.

Have a blessed holiday week!
Much love


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Carolyn F
by Carolyn Ferris
Carolyn's Oracle
Each week Carolyn Ferris will pull from her hand designed Tarot cards to reveal a message for us. Carolyn has been a psychic for many years and has a substantial amount of notoriety with her art. She has created art for many clients such as Timothy Leary, Santana, The Fillmore, and Moonalice.

Her artwork can be viewed at her web site!

Her Psychic site, where you can view her Oracle card!

After Three Nightcaps, There Was No Moon
© Carolyn Ferris & Moon Alice

Carolyn'-s Art Picture

This image is about shooting for the moon and having a little fun along the way. This gal knows how to not only shoot for the moon, but is now taking him for a ride as well.
Find your comrades, enjoy working through a project together, then make time for celebration upon completion.

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