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CA Brooks
C.A. Brooks
JULY 21 thru JULY 27

You will probably believe you are hearing some mixed messages this week, and it's not just the Moon in the sign of the twins the first couple of days. Jupiter the planet of faith just made its big move into expressive and dramatic Leo last week and the Sun will follow on Tuesday and the Moon on Saturday. There is no denying this vibrant, self-assured, dynamic, authoritative and radiant energy. We are getting pumped up for creativity and self expression in a way we haven't felt for a long time.

And on another side of the cosmos, Mars the planet of action and motivation is finally changing signs. The warrior planet ordinarily travels through a sign in about 45 days but because of its recent retrograde, it has spent the last 8 months in Libra (since December 7, 2013). If we haven't gotten its message about cooperation, collaboration, teamwork and the importance of compromise and relationships by now…well we'll just have to find another way to approach the subject! When it dives into mysterious and intense Scorpio our will and drive is focused like a laser beam on the target of our choice. Gandhi, George Washington, and Orville Wright are examples of people with Mars in Scorpio and on a mission to change the world.

The power of Scorpio comes from deep within. In stark contrast to the playful, visible and flamboyant energy of Leo, Scorpio is complex, penetrating, mysterious and psychological. So at the same time we are inspired to step out with Jupiter and the Sun in Leo, we are feeling a deep need for privacy, aloneness, contemplation, and deliberation about our next steps. This feeling of needing to withdraw and regroup is underscored by this being the last week of the lunar cycle in preparation for a New Moon this coming weekend. Monday through Friday are days to schedule some ‘me' time to meditate, journal, clear your mind, quiet the noise and get grounded. Especially if you start feeling like you are overwhelmed with non-stop chatter and noise, stop and turn down the volume. Time spent in planning and setting priorities will be well worth your effort.

Now about that New Moon on Saturday – it is a brilliant one full of hope, enthusiasm and big plans. After all it's practically sitting on top of bigger than life Jupiter. We are being asked to consider ‘what makes our lives meaningful'? Astrologers Lindsay River and Sally Gillespie, in writing about embracing both the positive expression of Jupiter expansion while guarding against the negative side of excess, make the point, ‘In societies where many people lack a sense of meaning and coherence, we often find the excesses of over-consumption and materialism filling the gap.' This is certainly something to ponder especially with a New Moon in Leo fueled by Jupiter and under the cautionary influence of Mars in Scorpio. It's not just about having more, it's about having more meaning. Quality verses quantity.

To truly know what has meaning in our lives, we need to step away from the crowd to hear our own voice and our own inspiration. Jupiter has big plans for us this year, but while we are thinking big, let's consider value. What value are we inspired to bring to our families, communities and world?

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

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Moon Void of Course 7:13 am (PDT) – 9:36 am
Uranus stations Retrograde 7:53 pm (PDT)

We see what we want to see; hear what we want to hear. Despite some of our best efforts, it's next to impossible to not see the world and everything in it through the lens of our preconceived ideas. How do we not become the victim of our unconscious, if we can't know it? The Moon in curious Gemini keeps us bouncing from one idea to another today – entertaining but very distracting. Uranus the planet of awakening stands still, preparing for a five month retrograde and Mercury the planet of thinking and communication, makes an obstinate opposition to Pluto.

Many spiritual paths persuade us to quit looking for the truth and instead, to search out the obstacles to seeing the truth that never changes and stands impermeable to the many assaults against it. Today the signs are practically impossible to miss. Quiet the mind, the chatter, the ceaseless restlessness. Be willing to hear your own voice. Nature abhors a vacuum – create the space and the messages you need to hear will come.

Daily Muse: Be a light unto yourself (Buddha)


Sun enters Leo 2:41 pm (PDT)

Happy Birthday Leo! The Sun heads for its sunny and dramatic home sign this afternoon. We are called to live our passions. Giant Jupiter in Leo for the next 12 months will help us explore the possibilities. The sun in Leo during the next 30 days sheds a brilliant light that helps us discover love on multiple levels. The Moon in versatile Gemini connects with Uranus the innovator sparking creativity and the desire to experience emotions and feelings outside of our usual range.

Daily Muse: Become major….Live like a hero. That's what the classics teach us. Be a main character. Otherwise what is life for? (J.M. Coetzee)

Today on Simpletales psychic, medium and angel intuitive Kristina Lafrance joins me for a look at Leo energy. Should be interesting to get a Uranus-ruled Aquarian's point of view! Please join us at 11am Pacific – 2 Eastern on


Moon Void of Course 5:53 pm (PDT) – 7:59 pm

It should be smooth sailing today with pleasant opportunities for socialization and a fertile time for both teaching and learning. A lunar connection to Mars in early evening energizes interactions and could be perfect for cutting a deal for a new business venture or partnership. Being able to see another's point of view and understand their needs is easy when we integrate the Gemini Moon's desire for new ideas and stimulation with Mars in Libra's longing for heart-felt connections.

The Moon will make one more stopover – in its home sign of Cancer – before the New Moon this weekend. The last few days of the lunar cycle are typically a time to reassess and let go. In the emotional sign of Cancer we may be reluctant to let go, but more in tune with what is truly beneficial and nurturing in our lives.

Daily Muse: There is no such thing as the dark night of the spirit, there is only the dark night of the ego. (Frances Vaughan)


When Venus the planet of love and attraction keeps a date with Neptune the planet of transcendence, we may very well believe our dreams are coming true. Seeing others in their best light is one of its gifts. For a few of you lucky readers, a soul mate may appear. Although this is likely to be of the romantic and intimate kind, don't rule out the possibility of recognizing the spirit of a true soul-to-soul relationship in the face of a friend, teacher, mentor, client, family member, child or elder. On another level, this could be the impetus for us to see deeper into our souls for what we truly desire.

The Sun hooks-up with expansive Jupiter today with potentially equally loving results. This inspirational firestorm can help us get in touch with our own genius and brilliance – especially with a little help from Mercury mixing it up with outrageous Uranus. This latter interaction defies logic and challenges the status quo. Saturn sweeps in with a touch of structure and discipline helping us sort through the ideas and focus on the important.

Today is a super active and there is a great potential for feeling overwhelmed and mentally fatigued. Schedule some down time for meditation or quiet, non-mental activities to help quiet the chaos. Give your mind a rest; keep mental processing and talking over ideas to a minimum. This is the time to keep a few things to yourself and not invite others' comments, opinions or judgments.

Daily Muse: I stand guard at the gateway of my mind and entertain only those ideas which I desire to be tangibly manifested in my life. (Sanaya Roman)


Moon Void of Course 6:53 am (PDT) – 7:55 am Saturday morning
Mars enters Scorpio 7:25 pm (PDT)

Finally! Mars the planet of motivation and action leaves Libra and enters deep and mysterious Scorpio. Not that I'm overly excited about the prospect, but Mars which ordinarily travels through a sign in about 45 days has spent the last 8 months in Libra (since December 7, 2013). If we haven't gotten its message about cooperation, collaboration, teamwork and the importance of compromise and relationships by now…well we'll just have to find another way to approach the subject!

Although very valuable lessons were learned during this time, we are more than ready to charge in some new directions which have little to do with concession and everything to do with achieving a personal objective. There is no holding back when Mars enters deeply passionate Scorpio – the sign traditionally associated with the warrior planet. The potential for going deep and being energized by our passions is underscored when Mars makes a potent connection to Scorpio's modern-day ruler, Pluto. This planet of transformation is connected with elimination and the ability to release the unnecessary. This makes this last day of the lunar cycle particularly auspicious for identifying where our lives will be healed through cleansing, purification and release.

Daily Muse: Learn to live in your higher self. (T. Harv Eker)

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Moon enters Leo 7:55 am (PDT)
New Moon 4 Leo 3:42 pm (PDT)

Keeping the faith! In sharp contrast to the dark and mysterious energy of Mars in Scorpio, the Moon bursts into sunny and flamboyant Leo in early morning, is fueled by a connection to expansive Jupiter, and forms a New Moon with the Sun in mid-afternoon. There just aren't enough adjectives to describe the enthusiastic, inspired, creative, and self-confident energy of a New Moon in Leo! Images of child prodigies and entertainers like Shirley Temple jump to mind. This is a force of unadulterated creativity that will not be denied. This power is trusting and yes a bit self-absorbed – but somewhat innocently like a child who has a never ending source of energy and enthusiasm for whatever brings them joy. This is innocence before the opinions, criticisms and judgments of others (or ourselves) come into play.

Which in truth, could be a bit of a constraint and damper on this over-the-top New Moon with Mars in Scorpio demanding a level of accountability. Don't share your ideas or performances with those unwilling to appreciate you. Although this Moon definitely would prefer an adoring audience, the real approval we are all seeking is our own. And we have the power to make the choice to support ourselves regardless of feedback we receive from others. You've heard me say, ‘birds don't sing for the applause'. Sing, dance, play, create, be the drama queen today! Enjoy yourself. Be thrilled with the wonder of who you are!

Daily Muse: There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost. (Martha Graham)


Moon Void of Course 5:38 pm (PDT) – 8:37 pm Monday evening

The critics could come out in force today when Venus makes a perfect opposition to Pluto. Choose your priorities! This conjures up all the clichés about ‘the road less traveled'. We actually have some dynamite energy available to us represented by Mars (motivation) and Saturn (structure and manifestation) in Scorpio (our deepest passions and desires) and Jupiter (expansion) in Leo (love and creativity). There is no perfect blueprint or guidebook telling us what to do when it comes to life, love, work and relationships. But we can start by listening to our inner voice and trusting ourselves. Follow your passion and learn to tune out the critics.

Daily Muse: Not only do self-love and love of others go hand in hand but ultimately they are indistinguishable. (M. Scott Peck)

Carolyn F
by Carolyn Ferris
Carolyn's Oracle
Each week Carolyn Ferris will pull from her hand designed Tarot cards to reveal a message for us. Carolyn has been a psychic for many years and has a substantial amount of notoriety with her art. She has created art for many clients such as Timothy Leary, Santana, The Fillmore, and Moonalice.

Her artwork can be viewed at her web site!

YES- she draws every one of them!
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On The Way
© Carolyn Ferris
Carolyn's Art Picture

Angel en route to a place of entertainment. Her seahorse is a good friend with a good listening ear. The riding collar she has for him reflects her love for him, it has pink glass beaded hearts shaped from jewels. Butterfly in foreground, a metaphor for beauty and transformation. See if you can find some unusual entertainment to attend over the next week. It may be a place where you are able to dress up more than usual. Bring a favorite friend and share your experience. Think of how you can make all of your friends a favorite, it may be that they have something special other than a a good listening ear. Find their forte and over time get together with each of them from a unique appreciation perspective to see if you can enjoy them even more. Perhaps if you are lifting their lives, by reflecting their high points back to them, they too will lift yours even more. Transforming to a more loving, giving, and receiving place in life is the perfect item for any to-do list.

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Psychic Sunday: Talk to Us

The Journey Home

My business beginnings with Hay House Publishers started in 2001 when I met Reid Tracy who had an interest in astrology. That's a side story that I'll save for my Oprah interview and for 12Radio so let's fast forward to Hay House Radio.

I started Hay House Radio in 2007 after literally begging for a way to put some wind under my book "Lovescopes" You see, when everything else in your life is falling apart, you really will risk shame to survive!

My request was granted. I will have a show. And without any training or coaching I dove in like an unskilled swimmer, splashing and squirming through my first few gigs.

I think I missed one show in those 7 years for the funeral of my dad. I felt like I had taken the postman's creed - and nothing short of a power failure stopped me from getting on the air. Radio was where I could share my life philosophy, sustain a livelihoodby way of

In spite of some awkward management decisions at Hay House( like giving me a choice of a weekly half hour show or an hour every other week - wtf?), I grew to love my minutes of air time. The Hay House crew on the backside were awesome and warm. One in particular is fellow Cancer, Diane Ray. She knew my heart and offered hers as guidance throughout my time there.

I lived through TWO on air interviews with Louise Hay (considered my toughest moments), tons of letters admonishing anything that even smelled of political opinion, and an even greater amount of letters of love and support.

I learned how to use Facebook as my chat-room so that I could keep my finger on the pulse of my listeners thereby making their experience feel more real and their connection to me more tangible.

I learned how to talk without stopping when someone whispers in my ear that I have one minute left.

I learned how to remember to be grateful for what I had rather than being hurt by being by overlooked. I mean, it did seem weird that Hay House would have two pretty blondes that I'd never heard of doing a workshop on "How to read an Astrology Chart" when they had their astrology guy right there!

Sometimes it was just infuriating to feel so invisible yet be told you had one of the top rated shows. But later I find that those behaviors were symptoms resulting from the fact that the baton had been passed. Louise was leaving, it was thick in the air. The focus started shifting from "WE" to "US and THEM". In most cases the "US" was a small number of people "at the top" and the "THEM" was everyone else.

I guess I came to accept that I was a Hay House outsider. They had a vision that I was not a part of and as Louise began handing her reins to the inevitable crew who long ago bought her shares, it was apparent that their vision was no longer in alignment with hers.

This disconnect was evident during the recent shift that occurred on Now, in order to listen live you MUST share your email and open an account. To listen to a show you missed will cost you. This change occurred without warning to ANYONE. I found out that morning when I couldn't open the site to have my show. Even then I wasn't told and my listeners were in for a surprise when their leisurely stroll to Hay House Radio no longer allowed them to simply listen. Many felt betrayed by ME. I was embarrassed but not really surprised.

Since I was part of Louise's vision it was apparent that I would forever feel misplaced as "progress" no longer meant more people helped but rather how many more emails are captured. But Louise taught us well. "Life Loves Us" she so lovingly proclaims. None of the people making these choices are bad people, just looking at life through a different window. No one put a gun to my head to stay or to leave. It's just a choice and one I felt ready to make.

Before leaving, I asked for Louise's blessing and she reminded me about life loving me. She told me all decisions I make will be supported and she would love me no less or more whatever I decided. We laughed and talked about eloping - she wouldn't have to twist my arm very hard. Just a three sentence exchange with her and I could see how far the road that I was on had diverged.

I don't fault Hay House and the direction they have chosen, they are doing what most big corporations do, I just feel that I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to the old entity, the one infused with Louise's laughter and promise of a better life. But I can't complain, I still get to hug the source of that ideal, hell, we all do really, Louise isn't going anywhere soon.

So, I have no regrets. None. I'm forever grateful for the door that Reid Tracy cracked opened and for the brilliant under appreciated voices in the background -Donna Abate, Shelley Anderson, Kyle, Steve, Rocky, Joe, Mitch, Mike, Stacey, Jill and Diane who may have no idea how much I needed to hear their voices when things were incomprehensibly bad in my own life..

Louise's vision is a part of our DNA that we can take with us where ever we go.

In Gratitude,


I'm Coming Home

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My return to will happen a week earlier than anticipated. So look for my new show starting July 29 back home on!

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Out of Mo's Mind

We hear the term “political correctness” a lot.

With the popularity of social media, it seems that every day someone says something that gets them into trouble. Soon, I'll be venturing into more social media and I've been thinking about “political correctness.” I've come to realize that I won't have to change much because I have a basic philosophy that I hope never to deviate from.

The bottom line is that I don't want to hurt anybody. It's easy to hurt feelings and it's easy to step on the toes of others with offhand comments that may seem innocent but can be incredibly injurious.

We live in a contentious society where people seem to love to argue, point fingers at each other and place blame. All we have to do is look to our government over the past 2 to 3 years in order to see this game being played vigorously. Unfortunately, it's dysfunctional and, in my opinion, completely immoral.

If government actions are any indication, it would seem that political correctness isn't about being careful, but about snide comments and accusations that seek to injure others in order to promote oneself.

The world is in enough upheaval as it is. I don't think it's proper that we add to it with thoughtless remarks. A recent example of this has to do with the tragedy of the Malaysian airliner that was shot down over the Ukraine. I find it unthinkable that anyone would make a joke about this situation. Yet, this is exactly what happened as a “comedian" poked fun at the tragedy on Twitter.

This act is as heinous as the comedian who made stunningly insensitive “jokes” about the Japanese tsunami shortly after it occurred, once again sharing insensitive thoughts with the world through social media.

I'm in no way advocating censorship nor anything that seeks to infringe on free speech. All I'm saying is that it's important to think about the feelings of others, even if we can't even begin to imagine someone being offended or hurt by what we say.

I suppose we should be thicker skinned than we are, but then again I'm glad I don't live in a society where there are no consequences for uttering anything that crawls out of our mouths. Freedom of speech has a major responsibility attached to it, one that mandates thought and presence of mind. I read Facebook posts every day that flabbergast me by their lack of sensitivity or common sense.

I'm not perfect. I'm not above making a wise-guy comment on a post but I always do it, or try to, with a sense of humor and I'm certainly not trying to be mean to anyone.

In my life, I've been the butt of many jokes. I've been bullied and discriminated against for various and sundry reasons and, most likely, so have you. However, I am in no way, shape or form a victim. I refuse to be. I have a voice and I know how to use it. More often than not though, I try not to hurt someone else's feelings, regardless of how deserving of harsh words that person may be.

We face difficult challenges in our world. You don't need me to tell you this, as the evidence is all around us. This is why it's important for us, those of us who have a metaphysical mindset, to set an example of leadership when it comes to how we think, speak and act.

It's not easy, but I try every day to change my thinking and through that, my words and actions. I do this not because I'm afraid of getting in trouble. Trust me, I do that pretty well anyway. I do this because I genuinely don't want to hurt anybody or cause trouble were no trouble is needed. Even when goaded or openly challenged, I take a deep breath and opt out of engaging when at all possible.

Make no mistake, I can be a mouthy pain in the rear and can unsheathe a tongue that can cut deeply. I choose not to and always regret it when I say anything that causes any pain. It takes work.

This shouldn't be misconstrued for silence when dealing with ignorance, misery, oppression, tyranny or any of the other forces that seem to be such an ingrained part of being human. Sometimes an angry, harsh voice is needed, but such a voice is harder to ignore when calm and controlled.

My belief is if we adopt a gentler voice, it becomes more powerful every day. I embrace the concept of power in peace and change through love and communication. I've tried it and it works.

We can make the world a better place. Whether you know it or not, you prove it every day through your beliefs and actions. Let's keep up the good work and make the changes we can through a kind word, genuine caring and a hug or smile whenever possible.

Until next week, I wish you peace, love and kindness.

NEW CLASS: I'm excited to announce a new class on Alchemy that will begin in early August of 2014. I've never shared my discoveries and I'm honored to debut my first ever Alchemical class on 12Academy. Alchemy is one of the most misunderstood of all disciplines and is one of the most exciting and fascinating topics in all of metaphysics. I guarantee you'll learn skills that will change your life and give you tools for self empowerment and growth. This class will be based on over 50 years of personal study and experimentation and I'm eager to begin sharing what I've discovered with you. Stay tuned for details and don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Kristi Brower
by Kristi Brower

The Psychic Update

Global Healing Circle

This weekend I would like to call us all to action. Humanity has had a rough few days. I am not going to mention all the world tragedies that are going on, we know what they are. I am going to ask you to join me in a weekend of prayer, meditation and healing for all of those affected. Below I have included a prayer/meditation that you can use as a mantra.

Global Healing Circle Prayer for Peace

We call in Archangel Michael, Archangel Elohiem, Archangel Gabriel, the Goddess Pele, the Goddess Isis, Kwan Yin, the Goddess Shakti, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Green Tara, Ketzalkowatal, Kowatlikue and all other light beings.

We ask you to bring peace and healing to all those affected by violence in our world.

We ask you to surround all of us with unconditional love, safety and peace.

We ask you to guide us in creating a world of peace, a world of love, a world of acceptance.

We ask that you release us from fear and a need to control.

We ask you to protect those in authority who are working to return order and safety.

We ask you to soften the hearts of those who commit violent acts, reconnecting them with their true selves.

We call in all of the healing crystals in the Earth. We ask you to place a protective grid of light around the globe, protecting those in harms way and amplifying our love and collective energy.

We hold the light as you place our world in a bubble of rainbow light, healing us and uniting us as one people, as one light.

And so it is, and so it is, and so it is.

Please sit in meditation and repeat this prayer several times throughout the weekend. If you would like to comment and connect with others who are also participating please click here to join my Facebook group, We Are One 1111

A daily walk outside that includes a few minutes of physical contact with a tree or carrying a dark stone that you rub with your thumb several times a day are also great ways to ground.

Get some energy work! I have developed energy healing techniques that build the basic structure your Root Chakra needs to stay stable. Give me a call at and we can work on it together.

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