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CA Brooks
C.A. Brooks
APRIL 14 thru APRIL 20 Happy Birthday Taurus!

April is a month of transitions and transformations and we'll see some of the most powerful energy of change lighting up the cosmos in the next fifteen days. I can't help but wonder at the synchronicity as this week one of the world's most predominant religions – Christianity – observes it's most significant events on what historically has been called Good Friday – followed by Easter Sunday. This three day period represents the most devastating of events – the betrayal and execution of their savior – followed by the most inspirational – overcoming death through the resurrection.

Embedded in some of the most cherished traditions and beliefs is the underlying message – life is not what it seems. We are spiritual beings first and foremost, even though we believe we are physical beings with a spiritual side. Christians are asked to suspend their belief in the most hardwired of beliefs – the power of the physical body and death.

This week, we are all asked to suspend our belief systems. A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Monday coincides with Mercury the planet of thinking making four powerful connections with planets forming a Grand Square in the cardinal signs of the zodiac (Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.) The Grand Square tells us an assertive, innovative shift in energy is at play. This energy will be at its peak on the 20th and 21st but will have an extensive influence long afterwards.

Historically Lunar Eclipses have been associated with fear as the Moon is shrouded in the shadow of the Earth. But despite what our eyes may tell us, the light re-emerges and very likely we are changed beings. Angeles Arrien writing in the ‘Tarot Handbook' says, ‘Fear has one function which is to constrict. Fear distorts and bends one's perspective or way of thinking.' What are we afraid of? For some it may be the fear of history repeating itself – memories of a relationship, job, or direction that didn't work out as planned. For others it might be a more generalized fear of change and an unknown future.

As Mercury activates the Grand Square this week we will be significantly challenged to look at our thoughts and suspend our beliefs. Conversations and communications with others are not likely to be light-hearted and care-free, but rather layered with significant information and heart-felt expressions. We may be surprised by some of our interactions, but overall there is great possibility for lovingly speaking truth, making peace offerings where needed and healing on multiple levels. There are things that need to be said no matter how scary it might seem, and belief systems that need to be challenged.

The Sun enters steadfast and trustworthy Taurus on Saturday. Although ruled by Venus, Taurus is associated with the throat and the throat chakra so it's hard not to make the leap to the importance of communications and expressing our hearts clearly and truthfully especially during this 30 day cycle. And within the noise of an over-active Mercury we also hear the sweet voice of Venus, as she forms harmonizing connections with Jupiter on Thursday and with Pluto on Friday.

We are driven to find ways to express our intuition, ideas and concepts in unlimited and creative ways – to give voice to what has previously resided only within ourselves. Our relationships with ourselves and with others are likely to undergo considerable evaluation and revision this week; but I can't help believing the end result will be a freedom of expression that releases our spirits to fly with the confidence of the eagle.

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

This week on 12Radio, archetypal astrologer Shawn Nygaard joins me on Tuesday for a look at how culture reflects the revolutionary and transformational energy of Uranus and Pluto. (Simpletales - Tuesday 11am Pacific – 2 Eastern)

On Friday, I welcome Mark Husson for a look at the crosswalk between Christianity and A Course In Miracles. A Good Friday indeed! (8 am Pacific – 11 Eastern)

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Pluto stations retrograde 4:44 pm (PDT)

The Moon in Libra grabs our hearts and turns our minds to romantic love. Even you skeptics will feel a tug and spend a bit of time dreaming if not about an ideal partner, than certainly about your dream job, home, vacation or life. Mercury the messenger, associated with how we think and communicate is in hyper drive as it lights up with a connection to idealistic and innovative Uranus and faces challenges from both Jupiter and Pluto.

Throughout the day and during the week we might feel like we are being overwhelmed with information and find it hard to sleep if we are not able to control the mind chatter. It's important to sort through the incoming ideas and not try to act on every piece of information. Let things settle a bit and allow the really important ideas to float to the top of your consciousness.

This might be a good day and evening for communications that come directly and honestly from the heart. With some attention, we might be able to clear up some misunderstandings or come clean about something that has been weighing on our hearts or minds.

Powerful Pluto looks backwards today starting its annual retrograde cycle. I imagine a master woodworker diligently retracing their steps, tweaking, sanding and polishing their creation to perfection. Evolution and transformation take time and the path is not necessarily linear or predictable.

Daily Muse: Harvest follows order, it does not follow chaos; and harvest follows trust, it does not follow control. (Angeles Arrien)


Moon Void of Course 12:42 am (PDT) – 9:20 am
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 25 Libra 12:42 am (PDT)

Barely after Midnight Pacific Time, the Earth slips in between the Sun and Moon, temporarily blocking the transmission of light and eclipsing the Moon. Lunar Eclipses often signal a time of completion, letting us know something has fulfilled its purpose and it's time for us to release and move on. Adjusting expectations in alignment with the individualistic energy of Aries and the partnership energy of Libra can help us find more satisfaction in all relationships. Unbalanced collaborations that do not respect the unique drive of the individual, or ones that elevate the needs of one participant inappropriately over another are likely to undergo a valuable and necessary revision.

On the heels of the eclipse, the Moon enters deep-feeling Scorpio making this is a time of increased intuition. It is as if the universe rains down various pieces of information like puzzle pieces. Interpreting the significance of an eclipse can take months so don't be too quick in your evaluations. An unforeseen windfall, blessing or benefit is very likely on the way to your doorstep. Suspend judgment and let life unfold.

Daily Muse: Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again. (Sarah Ban Breathnach)

Today on Simpletales astrologer Shawn Nygaard joins me for a look at the dynamic cosmic energy of Uranus square Pluto. Shawn has a unique perspective and an uncanny way of associating cultural tends with astrological phenomena. Can hardly wait to see what he has in store for us today. Please join us at 11am Pacific – 2 Eastern on


Spirit calls to us today as we dream under the influence of the Moon (just past full) in psychic, deep and mysterious Scorpio. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, the mysteries of the universe reveal themselves. Some things are understood in moonlight that escape our attention in the light of day. If you didn't get the chance to observe the Full Moon yesterday, plan to watch for it tonight.

Mercury the communicator makes its final connection to the Cardinal Grand Square as it opposes Mars in Libra. Thoughts and conversations are energetic, possibly even contentious. However, once again we have the opportunity to speak our truth without defensiveness and give voice to our deepest issues, concerns and desires. Balancing individual needs and desires with the general good or the highest good for a couple, family, community or world is our mission. Although it can be challenging to accommodate personal expression within a partnership or group, without it what are we left with?

Daily Muse: Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life. (Rachel Carson)


Moon Void of Course 12:09 am (PDT) – 2:44 pm

Hopefully we have cleared the air with all those Mercury aspects earlier in the week, because today we are in for some very special energy as Venus the planet of love aligns with Jupiter the planet of faith. This is definitely a very blessed energy especially when it comes to love, relationships and finances. Today we may feel like we are living a charmed life, and indeed we may be! On cue the Moon bounds into optimistic Sagittarius celebrating the connection of Venus with its ruling planet. If you are planning a rendezvous with a partner or are holding hopes for a blind date, tonight just might be your night.

Daily Muse: A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure. (Charlie Chaplin)


An auspicious connection between Venus and Pluto bodes well for love and finances again today, although I have a strong suspicion we are not going to see it that way. Relationships initiated today may have a certain feeling of fate connected to them, and yes, that probably is a past-life experience you are sensing or at least a noteworthy energy between the two of you.

However, Mercury is making a cranky connection to Saturn so we are likely to be a harsh critic of others, or possibly feel we are being unfairly judged ourselves. Late night Mercury also makes a confusing connection to dreamy Neptune. Bottom line – social activities are likely to lead to significant and possibly life-changing alliances, although our minds may try to interfere with either analysis-paralysis or some pretty fuzzy thinking. Rely on your intuition and don't be too alarmed by a little inconsistency. Wait for more information to shed some light.

Daily Muse: Experts on romance say for a happy marriage there has to be more than a passionate love. For a lasting union, they insist, there must be a genuine liking for each other. Which, in my book, is a good definition for friendship. (Marilyn Monroe)

Today on A Course In Miracles with C. A. Brooks my friend and mentor, Mark Husson joins me for a look at traditional Christianity and ACIM. What's the connection? We will explore some of the most frequently asked questions. Please join us on at 8am Pacific – 11 Eastern.

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Moon Void of Course 6:17 pm (PDT) – 6:28 pm
Sun enters Taurus 8:56 pm (PDT)

Adopting a flexible or even mellow attitude will help smooth an agitated morning as soul mates Venus and Mars exchange a few jabs. The sparring pair does not precipitate any major problems but can disturb domestic bliss. Even concessions or adjustments may not set things right. This might be a time when you need to go your own ways at least temporarily. Go for the early morning perennials class at the garden center and let your partner tackle that ambitious 40 mile bike ride (especially if they are Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn!)

The Sun enters pragmatic and sensual Taurus this evening so chances are love and life will feel more settled and comfortable towards the day's end. Treat yourself to a gourmet dinner or simplify with something from the grill and a loaded baked potato at home on the patio watching the sunset. It's time to chill.

Daily Muse: What is exciting is not for one person to be stronger than the other... but for two people to have met their match and yet they are equally as stubborn, as obstinate, as passionate, as crazy as the other. (Barbra Streisand)


Happy Easter

With the Moon back in one of the cardinal signs – today it is Capricorn – the tension of the Grand Square heats up once again. There are multiple rounds of this conflict and they stretch well into next week and even beyond, so get out your chill pills or better yet, do what we talked about at the beginning of the week and be prepared to suspend your thinking and judgments about what it all means!

The universe seems to love a good joke because along with the Moon activating the Grand Square, Jupiter the planet of faith, expansion, and morality jumps into the ring with a square to Uranus and an opposition to Pluto. Overall this energy is extreme, undisciplined, and exaggerated. And yet, it's exactly what we need to move beyond staid and outdated beliefs and behaviors. Ties that bind and traditions and routines that create guilt and resentment are ripe not only for a challenge but for a coup. Don't get defensive – get active. The day ends on a sweet note when the Moon aligns with Venus. Positive change and building for the future really is satisfying!

Daily Muse: Men of integrity, by their very existence rekindle the belief that as a people we can live above the level of moral squalor. (John Gardner)

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Find out as C.A. and I explore one of our favorite pastimes. This Friday, April 18 on

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Out of Mo's Mind

I'm writing this column on Siblings Day. I've not heard of Siblings Day before, but it's a real thing now and I like it because it gives me a moment to reflect on the concept of family.

The fact that you're reading these words means that you are probably my brother or sister. I don't mean that in the literal sense, although my sister may occasionally read these articles, I know my brothers don't. This doesn't cause me any pain or trouble, because I get it.

I recently recorded a commercial for my radio show, and it's decidedly odd. I listened to the finished product and thought, “Wow, is that weird.” Then I laughed like a lunatic at my own absurdity. Not everyone can be expected to get it, especially when its a family member.

I've always felt different and I'm guessing you have as well. Throughout my life, people have tried to define me. Usually with good humor, they've called me different, strange, unique, crazy, unusual, weird and downright inexplicable. Of course, there have been other terms used, some not so well-intentioned.

I had a problem with teachers when I was growing up. One or two understood me, but most found me to be a remarkable pain in the rear. I fear that I may have been an immense hind-end pain to my parents on numerous occasions.

Yet, I've had a wonderful life and am grateful for every moment I'm still here. The “differences,” have been blessings and have allowed and enthused me to move forward in my chosen profession/obsession of metaphysics.

Although society may not have always embraced me with open arms, I've found my family.

One day I got lost on the way to see a doctor about my tonsillitis. Flustered, I pulled over to look at a map and found myself parked in front of a metaphysical bookstore called, The 12th House. I couldn't resist checking it out.

That day, I didn't just walk into a bookstore; I came home.

I soon found myself in an environment of complete and total acceptance. For the first time in my life, I was in a world where I didn't have to explain myself or rationalize how I thought or what I did.

We were a group as eclectic as we could be. From all walks of life, we had divergent beliefs, ways of doing things and views of the world. In spite of our differences, we were more alike than not and it was a bond that I loved. We encouraged each other's passions for the mysteries, urged each other to teach and learn and I, for one, realized that we were in a special place at a special time. We were brothers and sisters in a magical setting, one that I'll always be grateful for.

Over the years, I've been blessed with amazing friendships and relationships that have gotten better over the decades. To be able to say that you've grown up with someone, and still love them, is one of the greatest compliments that I can think of.

Such is the nature of our world. Although we may be separated by continents, be of different generations, have diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, we are all united by that which makes us different from the majority of society, but strong in the bond to each other. It makes us siblings.

I know there are times when you feel left out or alone. I do too. There are times when I just can't understand how the world is run or why I can't think the way other people do, or why it has to be so doggone hard. I'm stumped by the way nations are ruled and confounded by the fact that billionaires buy $40 million jets and wear $5 million watches while children in their former neighborhoods only eat once a day.

I'm confused by a society that feeds greed mongering leviathans, convincing us that whatever it is they're pushing is safe, while actuaries decide what is a logical amount of “acceptable loss,” even if that loss is the life of a teenager in a defective vehicle.

I'm angered that our children have been put in danger in the form of untested medicines and vaccines and I'm infuriated at the lack of conscience that seems to be prevalent in almost every aspect of our society.

I'll bet you feel the same way, too.

Don't feel alone.

As long as we keep conscious of what we consider to be right and wrong and hold that inviolable truth in our hearts, we're making a huge difference. The world is obviously desperate for positive change and I absolutely believe that is why we're here. We can't help but change things; it's what we do.

So, on this Siblings Day, I reach out to all of you and remind you that you're surrounded by immense love, respect and hope.

Until next week, I wish you all, my family, peace, love and contentment.

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Kristi Brower
by Kristi Brower

The Psychic Update

Sugar Detox: The not so sweet truth!

In my never ending quest to improve my health and outlook on life I have taken on a new challenge. I am currently detoxing from sugar. I have been an avid candy connoisseur my entire life. I admit, I have a mad love for sugar that just won't quit. I know this isn't good for me but until recently I just didn't care! I have a deep trust in divine timing and I know that when I feel compelled to do something, I should. A couple of weeks ago I felt a strong desire to stop eating and drinking sugar. I went cold turkey, which I have since learned is not recommended. It turns out that quitting all at once is the best way to experience a myriad of very uncomfortable detox symptoms.

I have heard the warnings about sugar and have seen the comparison between a person's brain on sugar vs. cocaine (shocking, actually!) but until now I had no idea the very real detox symptoms that occur when quitting sugar.

First of all, I have been surprised at how irritable I am. I am normally a pretty easy going, live and let live kind of person. In the last 2 weeks I have been edgy and irritable and prone to fits of crying. I have yelled at inanimate objects, other drivers and anything else that got in my way. I have looked in the mirror and thought “Why are you so irrational?”

Secondly, the cravings! Oh my goodness, the cravings! I feel like I could eat a 5 pound bag of sugar with a smile on my face! I feel like I am starving to death! I know I am fine and am eating much better now that I am sugar free but my brain is in panic starvation mode. I did reach out for some help on this issue and have found a couple of supplements that help greatly. I am feeling better and now I know I won't break into a convenience store in the middle of the night to steal a giant chocolate bunny.

Third, social situations. Social eating is a big deal in my family, we get together several times a week to play cards or go out to dinner. I am currently the only one on a sugar hiatus, so of course people arrive at my house with all kinds of delicious treats I cannot have. This is where my irritability came into play again. I kept it to myself, but I really wanted to punch someone!

Fourth, reality. In order to make this worth it I have to commit to a no sugar diet, forever. FOREVER! I am still processing this whole experience and I know that it will take time to make such a big adjustment. I am taking it one day at a time right now, which is really the only choice I have. I am beginning to notice improvements in how I feel and the detox symptoms are decreasing. I am pretty sure I am going to survive, although it was touch and go there for a few days.

I share this experience with you for several reasons. I am sure some of you out there are considering quitting sugar and I want you to know it is worth it, in spite of the detox symptoms I have shared. Do your research, a gradual approach is easier on the body and the mind, probably your loved ones, too. There are a few supplements that really help. I suggest you make a plan, get your supplements, plenty of safe snacks and clear out your pantry before beginning. I did this backwards and made it harder on myself than necessary. I love that I get to share my journey with all of you!

Blessing of sugar-free sweetness!

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Carolyn F
by Carolyn Ferris
Carolyn's Oracle
Each week Carolyn Ferris will pull from her hand designed Tarot cards to reveal a message for us. Carolyn has been a psychic for many years and has a substantial amount of notoriety with her art. She has created art for many clients such as Timothy Leary, Santana, The Fillmore, and Moonalice.

Her artwork can be viewed at her web site!

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Carolyn's Art Picture

This mandala is calling on your lower chakras to further open. You may be working on money, emotional balance, power, and/or love issues. A mandala is a perfect tool to center yourself. Ask a question in your mind about healing one or all of these areas. Get a piece of paper and a pencil. Then, let the question go, look into the center of this mandala for 10 minutes, sitting quietly. Then in the next 5 minutes, write as many answers as possible to your question without lifting your pencil from the paper or stopping with the flow of answers, even if it's a scribble! Now, notice your genius that already knows the answers!

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