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June 26 - July 2

Mercury is a very busy boy this week bumping into Jupiter and Neptune on Tuesday, Mars on Wednesday, Pluto on Thursday, and Saturn on Sunday. As the planet of thinking and communication it’s a reminder of the importance of perception. Nothing in life takes on meaning until we bring it in through our physical senses or intuition, turn it around a few times in our brain and decide what it means. Our personal and collective experiences and beliefs shape the screens and filters we use to see and find what we doggedly insist on calling the ‘the truth.’

As a student of A Course In Miracles, perception has become a profoundly interesting topic and idea for me. This was brought home in a very personal and challenging way this week. Picture this. I’m in the very last few minutes of teaching a class on 12Academy all about the wonderful qualities and aspects of Venus, when I am stopped in my tracks with a smell so noxious, I literally stopped speaking and thought I might stop breathing! Ask any of my students; there’s not much that can make me speechless!

It took only a split second for my brain to register the truth. A skunk had just sprayed right outside my window and very probably in the distinct vicinity of one or both of my dogs! Not the first time for this delightful adventure! It’s so easy to instinctively go into aggressive and attack mode; however, I was also stopped in my tracks by an immediate text from friend and colleague Katt Hall. Explaining to her I couldn’t stop to talk because I had to go investigate, she responded we needed to consider the meaning and metaphysical representations of skunk! I was hardly in the mood!

Katt’s text was perfectly timed. Instead of flying into a rage and feeling victimized, I instantly, well almost instantly, started thinking about skunk and its association with self-esteem, self respect, reputation, and it’s distinct ability to attract what it wants and repel what it doesn’t. Believe it or not, this is a Venus quality. I won’t say it was easy, but focusing on the lesson or possible gift in the appearance of the skunk I was able to hang on to at least a shred of my peace of mind, even if my nose and lungs were being absolutely assaulted by its ‘perfume’.

But back to Mercury. As we navigate the many moods of Mercury this week, and there will be many, we too have the option of directing where our thoughts take us and how we shape our perceptions. Will we feel victimized by our circumstances or recognize the gifts?

I am blessed by many smart, funny and intelligent friends and colleagues. This week I feel particularly gifted by the timely encouragement of Katt and the wisdom of friend and colleague Kristi Brower. She is the one who several years ago found the recipe for de-skunking dogs and turned me onto essential oils for cleaning up the house after my first mis-adventure with a skunk. Kristi your help was invaluable then and I am now in your debt once again! For more skunk wisdom, please be sure to tune into Simpletales this Tuesday on 12Radio. More skunk trivia to share including that recipe!

Until next week, let go and wear loose clothes.

Magician Inspiration for the Week: Helen Keller, born June 27, 1880. Having lost her sight and hearing at less than 2 years old, with the help of her teacher, Anne Sullivan, Helen went on to become a famous author, lecturer, and educator. Certainly a life and chart worth examining!

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Today we are under the influence of a playful Leo Moon and most likely the lingering effects of Mars aligning with dreamy Neptune late last night. Although Mars is the planet of action, it’s currently drifting in the emotional and watery sign of Cancer. Under the influence of Neptune, also in a water sign (Pisces), Mars may be functioning more as inspiration rather than as a stimulus for action. This is a great time to surrender to the desire to day dream and imagine our possibilities. We might just be surprised at how powerful this seemingly non-active action can be. By some accounts Einstein spent hours every day just thinking and imagining.

Add some playtime to your schedule today; or play at your work, opting for some alternative ways of doing it. When the Moon connects with expansive and hopeful Jupiter in mid-afternoon we are ready to take a break and connect with friends and/or associates in a creative way.

Daily Muse: If you’re quiet, you’re not living. You’ve got to be noisy and colorful and lively. (Mel Brooks born June 28, 1926)



Moon Void of Course 2:12 pm (PDT) – 5:41 pm

We may still be feeling playful, even silly today with the Moon in Leo; however, a lunar connection to Saturn in the early morning encourages us to be productive and use our time wisely. Mercury’s square to expansive Jupiter at mid-day reminds us to be more mindful of both the details and the big picture. A tendency to exaggerate, be dramatic, or over-the-top with our opinions and self expression could end up hurting someone’s feelings or setting expectations we cannot fulfill.

This contrary connection between the planet of communication and the poster child for excess is mostly beneficial when used for purposes of entertainment, fiction, or marketing where sticking to the absolute truth is not expected. If you find yourself in a situation where knowing all the facts is important; beware. People may not purposefully mislead, however, idle conversation or gossip could still be misunderstood as real. Keeping a sense of humor will help; but also watch for humor being used like a magician’s smokescreen confusing what’s real and what’s illusion.

Mercury also connects to Neptune the planet of imagination this evening. This influence is mostly positive bestowing sensitivity, psychic awareness, creativity, and vision. We see and expect only the best in others which can go a long way to soothing any ruffled feathers or settling any misunderstandings or upsets. We prefer to avoid being confronted with any of the harsher realities of life, so if you spend the evening watching a movie choose fantasy, a light-hearted romantic comedy, or something inspirational. The Moon’s entry into service oriented Virgo this evening would opt for a documentary or something educational!

Daily Muse: Success isn't about the end result; it's about what you learn along the way. (Vera Wang born June 27, 1949)

Today on Simpletales we are going to talk about Mercury, perception, and very possibly about skunks! You can find me stinking up the airwaves on at 10 am Pacific – 1 Eastern.



Mercury is still in the news today as it makes an energetic connection to Mars the planet of motivation and action. With the Moon in pragmatic Virgo, actions speak louder than words. Want to make an impression? Don’t just rebel, protest and complain, come up with practical solutions. The only brainstorming that is acceptable today is the kind where ideas lead to realistic applications. Cut through the red tape and put forth ideas that can lead to real change.

We can expect some resistance via Venus in Taurus making a messy connection to Saturn in Sagittarius. Venus in Taurus can be cautious with anything having to do with love or money but waiting for a ‘sure thing’ can lead to stagnation. Some risks are worth taking. It may be difficult to find agreement today but trusting yourself and your ideas will pay off.

Daily Muse: Being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be… They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but how about a compromise like moderately rich and just moody? (Diana, Princess of Wales born July 1, 1961)


Moon Void of Course1:34 pm (PDT) – 12:02 am Friday morning

Despite some very positive lunar alliances this morning and afternoon, there is possible trouble brewing through the day as Mercury moves steadily toward an unwavering opposition to Pluto. Resolute Pluto in Capricorn can be unwavering and unyielding especially when it comes to what it considers to be the truth. This combination can make for powerful speeches and the ability to ferret out needed information. However, it’s also hard to be objective. If we don’t remain open and neutral, it’s easy to only see our own opinion and point of view and try to discredit everyone else with a different theory.

Beware of feeling victimized; we can feel vulnerable but still stand our ground. This opens the door to new information and awareness if we drop our defenses without dropping our ability to reason logically. Secrets may come to light despite our efforts to conceal them.

Daily Muse: No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit. (Helen Keller born June 27, 1880)



Moon enters Libra 12:02 am (PDT)

The scales of justice are in flux today as the Libra Moon moves into a contentious square with the Sun in Cancer. Both Cancer and Libra are Cardinal signs and therefore headstrong. This signals the end of the first quarter of the lunar cycle when we can re-evaluate our intentions and do a quick assessment of our progress towards New Moon manifestation. If we are off course, now is the time to make a needed adjustment. With Venus squaring the Lunar Nodes it may be tough to decide whether to stay the course or make a correction but persevere.

There is plenty of creative energy to access so don’t be afraid to tweak your plans or strategies. Stay true to your vision and goals not necessarily to the specific details or how you plan to achieve them. ‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’ Be flexible and innovative!

Daily Muse: Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. (Helen Keller)


It will be really helpful to keep the big picture in mind today as the Moon in Libra seems to be caught in an unforgiving obstacle course bumping into those many planets in the Cardinal signs. Libra is the sign of partnership, harmony and good manners; but it’s also the sign of fairness and justice. My mind just flashed on a picture of Maggie Smith in the role of Violet Crawley in Downton Abbey. Was there ever a more delightful specimen of pithy and crusty old school manners? (‘Don’t be a defeatist dear; it’s very middle class.’)

Very much like the Dowager Countess of Grantham, a Libra Moon can be cantankerous about righting wrongs and telling it like it is. Sometimes etiquette has to give way to the balancing of the scales of justice! As the Moon squares Mars, Pluto, and Mercury throughout the day watch for some stinging barbs to be thrown about. Try not to take things too personally, and try to be aware if you are blaming others for what you perceive to be your own shortcomings.

Chiron the Wounded Healer begins a five month retrograde pattern in sensitive and healing Pisces today. Although it’s easy to feel like we are left out in the cold, if we are willing to confront our feelings of inadequacy, not with ego but with compassion and forgiveness, who knows what healing patterns can be initiated?

Daily Muse: Four things to learn in life: To think clearly without hurry or confusion; to love everybody sincerely; to act in everything with the highest motives; to trust God unhesitatingly. (Helen Keller)


Moon Void of Course 6:16 am (PDT) – 9:59 am

Mercury the planet of thinking and communication has certainly had more than its share of bumps and bruises this week making uncomfortable connections with those many planets in the Cardinal signs. Just when we thought the fun and games were over, Mercury in Cancer also finds itself in a pickle with Saturn, not in a cardinal sign, but in the mutable sign of Sagittarius. This is a dilemma of a different sort. It pays to stay open minded, drop the defenses, and decide to make lemonade from anything slightly resembling a lemon!

Another dilemma is the potentially explosive opposition between Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. Personal will and energy is thwarted by the most ambitious, competitive and powerful energy of all. The most important thing is to approach this energy with respect and with compassion. Find constructive (and legal) ways (LOL!) to express pent-up energy. Competitive sports or participating in almost any physical activity will be a good choice.

Recognize that people might be feeling frustrated, vulnerable, or powerless in one or more areas of their lives. How can we help? Vow to be a problem solver not a problem finder or worse, throwing fuel on an existing fire. Make an extra effort to not be a control freak today, although it might be pretty hard especially for those of us who know better than everyone else! Take a break from managing the world and apply your efforts to something you are particularly passionate about.

Daily Muse: When you have a passion for something then you tend not only to be better at it, but you work harder at it too. (Vera Wang born June 27, 1949)

The Power Peek is brought to you by: Mark Husson



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Out Of Mo's Mind

As I’m writing this, the temperature outside is 58° and it’s a summer afternoon. A day ago at this time, it was almost 98° and about as uncomfortable as it can get. This is the result of living on a constantly changing planet, an organism that provides us with everything we have and everything we will ever need.

Because of my studies in Tarot and astrology, I keep a close eye on the weather and frontal patterns, systems that move like great waves across the earth. These blankets of heat or cold, dry or moist air are the very essence of all climatology and dictate everything from the personalities of our ancient gods to what we eat and how we live our lives.

I was recently told that there are parts of the world that are devoid of frontal weather. Although I need to check the accuracy of the statement, I can’t think of a less interesting concept. A haphazard evaporation of moisture into the atmosphere, followed by a series of random thunderstorms might make for a wonderful photograph or two, but it hardly matches the spectacular image of dark, cumulonimbus clouds rushing over a mountain range, black tendrils reaching down out of boiling clouds to deliver rain and hail.

As a lifelong student of metaphysics, I’ve learned to read the sky, almost as I read the cards. I’ve come to appreciate the whispered voice of the divinatory heart in the shift of a cloud, or a sudden gust of icy wind. These elemental forces that guide everything we know were fully appreciated by our predecessors. Plato wrote of them, as did Aristotle and the great Henry Cornelius Agrippa. They viewed them as indelible parts of our existence, far more important than almost anything else that we can conceive of when trying to imagine the majesty of the Universe.

These Elemental forms are an essential part of astrology and were carefully encoded into modern Tarot. The interaction of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth are the building blocks of all matter, energy, and everything that stretches between them and beyond. To be sure, these wonderful forces are not the common counterparts that we know on our plane. They are the very stuff that makes up everything, constantly moving and morphing, writhing into creation and out of it again. Their complexity is immense and we can only hope to catch a glimpse, or a moment of understanding in their eternal dance.

In order to make sense of these forces, our ancestors envisioned them as beings, and who’s to say that they were wrong? The creatures of Fire were known as Salamanders. These were not the newts that are named after them, but devouring powers, ravenous and explosive in their energies. The rulers of the Water were known as Undines, and flow gracefully and completely through reality. The Sylphs rule the air and the Gnomes are the caretakers of the earth and all earth energies.

We are familiar with tales of Dwarves and Gnomes, Leprechauns and other earth spirits. We often view them as jovial, benign entities, sitting on toadstools or hiding in our gardens. In fact, our ancestors viewed these creatures as powerful and owning every bit of mineral that comes from the earth. As we are essentially made of earth ourselves, we belong to them as well.

Look to the old religions, what we call mythology, and find the workers of metals. Look to Vulcan and Hephaestus, the brilliant Dwarves that cast Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, and Gleipnir, the chain as thin as a thought that held the mighty Fenris Wolf prisoner until Ragnarok. Look to the Djinn with their legendary uses of magic. Fairies and Brownies were often enchanters of humans, and tales of Mermaids and Mermen are examples of elemental forces permeating the consciousness of mankind.

The ancient gods and goddesses of Egypt, Greece, the Norse and other mythologies were usually the anthropomorphisms of these elemental forces. By giving them form, they were able to plan around and understand their patterns. By worshiping them, they sought and received their favors.

We live in a world of wonder, filled with mysteries and phantasms that toy with our imaginations and illuminate our spirit. As long as we walk on this planet, we do so with a myriad of wondrous forces that surround us. Whether or not they have consciousness is completely irrelevant. What matters is the glory of it all, and it’s just as simple as going outside and feeling the air.

Until next week, I wish you all peace and love.

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Kristi Brower
Learning, always learning

I spend a lot of my time learning new things. I feel like I will never stop being a student in one way or another. I often learn things just for the sake of learning, I feel like I am stagnating if I am not adding to my knowledge and skills all the time.

My latest endeavor has been to learn to paint rocks. I am enjoying learning to paint feathers, owls and mandalas. I have joined a ‘Rock” group whose entire goal is to build community by painting rocks and leaving them in public places for other “rock” people to find. The simplicity and the kindness of this activity has provided grounding in a time I really need it. You can see my local

This week I have been thinking a lot about learning and teaching. You can’t be a life time learner without also being a teacher. I have a burning desire to share what I know with everyone who wants to listen. I have been teaching metaphysical classes for 10 years. I want to offer something very special to my students. I will be sharing this offering on my show, Kindred Spirits on on Monday, 6/26 at 10 am PST. Don’t miss it!

Much love,



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Weekly Grace




I thought it would be fun this week to put my own Ego on the chopping block! I don’t love the terminology “ego”, though. I feel it can be demeaning and dehumanizing; accusatory, even. We ALL are human and we ALL have egos- survival mechanisms, that keep us safe. If you’re breathing, you’ve had an experience that made you feel disempowered, scared, frightened or uncomfortable. And the coping mechanisms given to you, or that you saw, became your adopted way of responding to circumstances that are stressful.

But I realize, this mumbo-jumbo psychology stuff can be *Yawn* a bit heady. So this Virgo is exposing her truth, and hoping, you’ll expose yours to a friend, loved one, or spiritual advisor. For identification, yes, but also for the sake of slicing that shame in half and realizing… oh yeah, I’m not alone. This ALL pertains to Cancer Season and the Summer Solstice… let’s begin:


The downside of being a “sensitive” is I’m VERY SENSITIVE! Even physically. So mix in some paint fumes and hair dye-- you have a chemical cocktail overload!

Now I’m bloated, sick and feeling all around UGH! I’ve had one month in NYC, to barely get my feet on the ground, then I fly all the way back to LA! And as “wah wah” bratty as I sound-- I was actually, and am, really excited about this!!! One of my best friends is getting married, I’ll see my friends and dogs, family… I get to shoot a film and show my brother California FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!

And yet… All I can do is see the GUT on my body (bloating), looking 6 months pregnant!

Instead of my ambition of getting “fit” in the past month, I’ve been sick! AND have a pulled muscle… AKA: NO FITNESS! REALITY: BEDREST!

Did I mention all my High School friends, from a prep school, will be attending this wedding? You know, with their Executive positions, finances and designer jewelry?

It’s not that I feel less than… but there is that pressure to keep up with the Jones (or, Kardashians). My life is actually VERY GOOD, and I’m incredibly blessed, but as I… standing in the mirror looking at my new shorter & darker hair, wondering why on earth I did that pre-wedding, I realized: What exactly are you trying to prove? And it SMACKED ME IN THE FACE!!!

Oh yeah: I HAVE TOOLS!!!!

Beneath layers of uncomfortability, there is Fear. And below Fear, is Shame!!! SHAME is always the result of a past experience; A CORE ISSUE. And to be honest, every “Struggle” or insecurity we have is rooted in shame. Fear doesn’t exist without shame!!!

Step 1: Identify the Shame (Awareness)

Yup. I’m scared of not looking smoking hot and put together in front of my friends… why? Well, I never was! Or at least never felt that way. I was the girl on financial assistance with a scholarship (not that anyone judged me for it) who had to work a part time job, whilst everyone else got to go home and watch TV. I guess, deep down, there is that sense of “I’m different”... and who wants to be different or less than their friends, colleagues or romantic partners!

Step 2: Acceptance

This is 2 fold: Accepting your Feelings & Accepting your Truth! The first part of this would be: I never signed up to be “the girl from the wrong side of the tracks”. I’m not even sure if that’s what category I would fall into… but for this purpose, it works! I never wanted to be different or special; I wanted to fit in! And did EVERYTHING I could to be one of them. But (second fold) I’M NOT ONE OF THEM. I’m ME. SPIRIT chose this life for me, because she/ he knew how many people I could have compassion and empathy for. Spirit knew I could use my experiences to inspire, help and empower others to NEVER allow their past, their upbringing or last name to determine “who they are”. YOU determine who you are. Fate merely hands you opportunities; Destiny is what you make of it! And I ACCEPT that I am… a hot little Mama from HEAVEN!!!! I’ve got a crown on in the spirit realm, we all do… Best not let it Slip!

Step 3: Action

“Spirit/ God/ etc., please remove my shame, and direct my thoughts to what you’d have me be!”

My best guide for this is, What would Spirit have me be and do? Well, I’m more than my circumstances… and I could sit at that wedding table blabbing about how much money I make, who I date or my accomplishments. But is that what SPIRIT would have me do?

HELL NO!!! First of all, this isn’t MY wedding… this is my friends! And a CELEBRATION of her amazing new life! So Spirit would have me… HAVE FUN (And oh yes, I WILL)!!!! And I truly from inside my heart, know, that she’d have me treat anyone who is judgemental or insecure with compassion and understanding. Make them feel comfortable. Let them know how beautiful they look! And how nice it is to see them.

Lastly, Spirit would have me recognize that NONE of our values were ever content on outside gains or how we appear. Even with my new hair I’m not 100% about… WE make that hair look great, not the other way around!!!

SPREAD THE LOVE, my friends!!! And always always remember, on the Other end of Shame is EMPOWERMENT & PURPOSE!!!


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