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Chart Interpreter

It's everything you've wanted to know about your chart but didn't know where to look. The Planets in Sign Interpreter with all original text written by Mark makes understanding your chart a snap (or a click). Simply select your planet from the drop down menu, then select the sign it's in from the sign drop down menu and hit the Arrow Button! It couldn't be more simple and it couldn't be more accurate. Keep your eyes open for more in our exclusive chart interpretation data bank!

NOTE: Chiron is a relatively new 'planet' and there is much discrepancy about its meaning in the natal chart. Research is showing that it is vital as a connecting link between 2 people but as to its natal influence, the jury is still out.

With regards to Pluto, we feel that Pluto is a much stronger influence to the natal chart when read by house than by sign. So we have omitted Pluto through the signs for the time being.

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