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Welcome to Elisa's Well Oracle

The Well Oracle was created by Dr. Elisa Robyn several years ago, The words in the oracle come from her experiences with many mystics, Kabbalists, and shamanic teachers, as well as from her work as a psychologist. We are happy to share the online version with the hope that you will find guidance, reassurance, and inspiration.


Place yourself in a receptive frame of mind. You can do this by thinking of a specific question or simply taking a few deep breaths. When you are ready, circle your mouse cursor over the reflective pool of the well letting the oracle know you are ready. Wait and your answer will appear. Embrace the answer for a moment or two reflecting on its deep meaning. You might want to use these words when you work with your spiritual coach or advisor.

***For another question, use your refresh button to reload the page.***

NOTE: If the oracle isn't answering, Change Browsers!

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